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Unmatched Asset Management Features

AssetCloud provides you with an intelligent view of the past, present, and future of all asset interactions for your organization.
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Reporting Built for Accountability and Insight

Standard Reports

AssetCloud’s reporting suite includes 25 common, pre-built reports that help you manage your assets and collect data-driven feedback. Every report provides a high level summary, while also allowing you to set parameters to drill down into specific assets, time periods, and numerous other data, so you have the information you need to make critical business decisions.

Custom Reports

Tired of tracking software that can’t report on the data your organization needs? AssetCloud’s report design engine provides you the tools to create clear and accurate reports that are tailored to your business.

Report Scheduling

Managing several critical reports can be a chore. With AssetCloud, you can automatically schedule reports to be sent to you every day to ensure you receive the information you need for your business.

Asset Management Software

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Asset Tracking App for iOS and Android

Easy Audits to Verify and Eliminate Inconsistencies

Performing asset audits is essential in verifying what assets your organization actually owns and ensuring the accountability of your assets for accurate records. You can quickly conduct audits on a mobile computer, iOS, or Android device.

Triggered Notifications for Critical Intelligence

Receiving instant feedback on asset-related events within your organization allows everyone to be better informed. AssetCloud’s notification engine allows you to set custom triggers to save time and empower people with information.

Inventory Identical Multi-Quantity Assets

The multi-quantity asset feature provides your organization with a fast and efficient way to consolidate and track how many identical assets you have - without tracking each individual item.

Great Software for our Business

"Our IT Dept was in need of a inventory system to keep track of our assets. We had tried a couple other solutions and could not find a good fit for our needs. Until we went with Asset Cloud . The Software is great and very intuitive and allows us to keep track of all our devices."

-Matthew Bender, IT Specialist

Ease of Use


Customer Support


Features & Functionality


Value for Money

Tom Grimm maintenance

"I have found that the asset cloud software is exactly what we need here at Spplus. We are a management company for several parking garages and surface lots, I have several pieces of equipment stored at various different locations, by utilizing the benefits of the software it has been easy for me to track where everything comes and goes on a daily basis."

-Tom Grimm, Maintenance Manager, Spplus

Ease of Use


Customer Support


Features & Functionality


Value for Money

Great System So Far

"I have only been using the system for a little while now, but so far the system has been great. I had only one issue with not being able to add users, but I put in a help request and it was resolved in an hour or less. That is great customer service."

-Joshua McCray, Wilson College, Education Management

Ease of Use


Customer Support


Features & Functionality


Value for Money

Centralize Contracts, Service Agreements, and Licenses

Ensuring all your assets are associated with their proper agreements allows you to manage your assets with greater efficiency and not lose sight of expiring contracts. AssetCloud provides your organization with one centralized database that manages of all your contracts, service agreements and software licenses.

Customizable Depreciation for Accurate Bookkeeping

The process of setting up depreciation classes and calculating depreciation provides your organization with proper record-keeping in a convenient and straightforward procedure. AssetCloud has 5 customizable methods of depreciation, which insure your organization and accounting team are covered.

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