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Thermal Options

Thermal Printer Options

There are many Printer Options that are available to meet your application needs (for example, if your labels will be printed in one location and then distributed to different locations to be applied, consider purchasing a printer that offers a rewind option). Here is a list of some of the most common options that are available.

Label Peel: For demand label applications, each label is printed, peeled and ready to apply. Some models will take up the excess backing and rewind to a spindle.

Cutter: Labels are printed on a continuous label roll. This option cuts the label after it is printed. One ends up with individual labels instead of a continuous roll of labels.

Media Rewind: Internal or external option to rewind the full label roll while media is printing. Ideal for applications where labels are printed in advance and stored for multicolor passes. Some internal rewinders double as a line/backing rewinder in applications using the peeling option.

Memory: Store longer label formats, multiple label jobs or detailed graphics with memory expansions.

Unwinder: Used with larger rolls of stock. Normally, mounted behind the printer, labels are fed through a rear opening in the printer.