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WLS8600 Fuzzy Logic Laser Barcode Scanner


Scan dirty, damaged, or poorly printed barcodes with ease thanks to the WLS8600 fuzzy logic laser barcode scanner.

The 8600 is perfect for industrial 1D barcode scanning, when barcodes can become dirty or degraded.

The 8600 laser barcode scanner's fuzzy logic technology accurately reads and decodes barcodes in poor quality, making it the perfect barcode scanner for intensive industrial applications. Now you can track your inventory and assets with speed and precision, and without worry about how the elements have damaged your barcodes. The WLS8600 barcode scanner also features plug-and-play connectivity to get you up and running quickly.

Warehouses, manufacturing plants, and outdoor spaces can be loud and dirty areas to manage inventory in. The 8600 industrial barcode scanner has several features to combat the elements. It operates in a range of temperatures and is sealed against water and particulates. LED-enhancing windows and an extra-large beep let you know a barcode has been scanned even in dark or loud environments. And the WLS8600 can withstand is rugged - able to withstand several drops to concrete.