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WLS9600 Laser Barcode Scanner


The WLS9600 laser barcode scanner from Wasp Barcode is our top-selling barcode scanning solution for inventory management and asset tracking. 

This handheld scanner allows you to quickly and accurately scan and track common 1D barcodes. Laser scanning ensures error-free barcode reading, even with damaged barcodes or stacked RSS barcodes. Wasp’s visual “Green Spot” technology shows you when a barcode scan is good, letting you keep inventory management accurate and efficient. 

The fast rate of barcode scanning (over 100 per second) and the easy hand-held design make the WLS9600 the perfect scanner for office, healthcare, warehouse, or retail use. Use an optional hands-free stand to turn the barcode scanner into a quick checkout solution in your store! Installation is a breeze, too. Just plug the scanner into your computer’s USB port and it’s ready without any drivers.

This barcode scanning system also features:
• Ability to quickly add scanned barcode data to documents, spreadsheets, and databases
• Aggressive laser barcode scanning with “Green Spot” visual feedback technology
• Driver-free PC connectivity (USB)
• Durable design (can withstand multiple 6’ drops to concrete)