6 Steps to Creating Instructional and How-To Videos


Whether you’re perfecting your process for getting new employees up to speed, or making your products easier for customers to use, video training is an essential component. It gives customers and employees the flexibility to partake in training at their own convenience – time zones, forget about … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways to Increase Employee Satisfaction


Although it may seem intuitive, science now stands behind the idea that happier employees are more productive. A study by the University of Warwick showed that happier workers were 12% more productive. That’s like adding an extra day to the two-week pay period. So, now the question is, how do we … [Read more...]

Introduction to the Buzz


With a million tasks to juggle and an ever-growing to-do list, staying up to date on relevant news and cool new business management tools can be a challenge. That’s where The Buzz Small Business Magazine comes in. We’re here to deliver the latest news, products and tools for small businesses, all in … [Read more...]