The Anatomy of a Successful Small Business Owner


According to the Small Business Administration, only 50 percent of small businesses last longer than five years – so how do you ensure that your “million dollar” idea will survive and blossom into a successful business venture? Although there isn’t a definitive recipe for success, the owners of … [Read more...]

10 Cool Facts About QR Codes


From business cards to Sunday ads and even church bulletins, QR codes are popping up everywhere.  So, it’s likely you’ve used an online QR code generator, or at least scanned one in the last few months. (Get up to speed on QR codes by reading our short post.) Today, however, we’d like to explore a … [Read more...]

What Challenges Do You Face When Becoming Your Own Boss?


We’ve all sat at our desks before, staring up the corporate ladder, dreaming of one day becoming our own boss. However, said ladder may be more difficult to climb than once thought, so you decide to quit and start your own business. Easy solution, right? Not exactly. Transitioning from a large … [Read more...]

5 Tips for “Do It Yourself” Marketing


Looking for a little guidance when it comes to your marketing efforts? If you’re like many of the entrepreneurs and small business owners that forgo using an agency in favor of “do it yourself” marketing, check out these tips for mastering DIY marketing.  Do a little self-promotion You’ll want … [Read more...]

Yes, We’re Open | Odd & Successful Business Ventures


Have you ever had a business idea creep into your head, but later discarded the idea as bizarre? Well, that idea may not be as crazy as you think. The Buzz Magazine has scoured the web to bring you some of the most outrageous-but-successful business ventures. 1. Pet Jellyfish These odd … [Read more...]

Small Business Showdown


Do you think your small business is better than all the rest? Now you have a chance to claim the ultimate bragging rights. Wasp Barcode is challenging all small business owners in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to prove they have the best small business in our first ever Small Business Showdown. We’re … [Read more...]

5 Cardinal Sins of Business Blogging


We all know how valuable a blog can be for your small business. A blog can help you expand your business, build brand recognition, and help you become a trusted resource for your customers. Unfortunately, some business blogs fall short of the mark. Why? Let’s take a look at the common mistakes many … [Read more...]