Ways Small Businesses are using iPads to Increase Office Productivity


  Ways Small Businesses are using iPads to Increase Office Productivity With any new technology comes the question "how can I use this in my business?" In many cases, new technology can be tricky and a little difficult to incorporate. Since the release of the first iPad in April 2010, the … [Read more...]

Business Travel Etiquette – What you should know


For some employees, travel is a part of their daily routine. Maybe your employees commute to work each day, or maybe they travel around the globe to visit your other offices. Whatever the case may be, there are some etiquette tips that every person should know before traveling. Punctuality One … [Read more...]

Case Study 101: Making the most of your marketing budget


  In today’s tight economy, small businesses are constantly looking for the most cost-effect form of marketing. For an effective, yet money-saving tactic, creating a case study for your small business is an ideal method for boosting your publicity. Case studies, or more commonly referred … [Read more...]

Holiday Party 101 Celebrating the holidays in your SMB


Oh, December. Your arrival marks the end of the year, the start of winter and more often than not, the annual office holiday party. Here at Wasp Barcode Technologies, we get into the holiday spirit each year. And while it can be a fun time to share stories and gifts, eat endless amounts of delicious … [Read more...]

So You’re Attending Your First Trade Show…


Industry trade shows can be an effective venue in which to sell your company’s product or service. With some trade shows hosting up to thousands of potential customers, it’s imperative to be on the top of your game. Attending your first tradeshow without any prior knowledge or training may be a … [Read more...]

What’s Your Mobile App Called?


  We gave it all away in the title: you should have a mobile app. Today, we’re telling you why. First, some interesting numbers about the mobile app market. iOS users have an average of 37 apps on their iPhone, compared to 22 for Android users, and 10 for BlackBerry users. Of the … [Read more...]

Why You Should be Using Infographics in Your Small Business


What’s that? An infographic about infographics? Indeed it is. You should be using infographics in your small business blog, if you aren’t already. To some, it may seem as though this is just another new trend to keep up with. While it certainly is a trend right now, it doesn’t seem to be going … [Read more...]