How To: Tap Your Small Business’ Social Networks to Find Top-Notch Talent


As a small business owner or entrepreneur of a new start-up, finding the right talent to bring your vision alive can be a challenge. While it may seem easy with an unemployment rate at a near all-time high, filling the gaps with the most qualified and talented candidates can pose as a challenge to … [Read more...]

The Game of Life: How Can You Leverage “Gamification” For Your Small Business?


Believe it or not, the notion of playing games has been around for quite some time. From rudimentary Egyptian board games to the early days of electronic video games, such as PONG, the competition and desire to achieve pre-determined goals that comes with playing games is programmed in our DNA.  And … [Read more...]

Giving Back: How Your SMB Can Give Back to the Community


In a recent study by Ernst & Young and the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, 62% of small business owners say that giving back to their community has made their company more successful in the long run. Of course, we know it’s not easy for all small business owners to give back due to tight budgets. … [Read more...]

Industry Statistics QR Codes


QR Codes, otherwise known as "quick response codes" are part of a whole new way of connecting with consumers via their smart phones and mobile devices. The following infographic provides a brief history of how bar codes and QR codes came into existence as well as some statistics on how they are … [Read more...]

Great Talent Begins with a Great Job Description


With the economy in its current state, there is quite a bit of competition for jobs. The positive side for businesses is that there is a huge selection of candidates interested in the opportunity you have to offer. When you’re looking for a new employee for your small business, it can be difficult … [Read more...]

Wasp Inventory Control Results in Immediate ROI for TopGolf


TopGolf is a dynamic entertainment facility that combines the basic elements of golf with cutting-edge technology to create an easy-to-play game for players of all experience levels. This state of the art driving range is open year-round and has four facilities throughout Illinois, Texas, and … [Read more...]

Getting Organized | Tips on keeping track of business receipts


Having organized records of purchases is essential to operating a successful business. So before you pull out your hair this tax season, take some time to organize your expenses and follow these quick steps to better track your business receipts. Separate business and pleasure As a small … [Read more...]

What Makes a Bad Boss!


In the past, we’ve written about the anatomy of a successful business owner, but now it’s time to turn the tables. As a small business owner, it is important that you have a solid team of employees who work hard to keep your business afloat. However, if they are all out to get you because of poor … [Read more...]

Avoiding a Social Media Disaster for Your Small Business


What comes to mind when you hear the words “social media disaster”? Maybe the infamous “gettin’ slizzard” Red Cross tweet. Or maybe it was the YouTube video of Domino’s employees doing some pretty gross stuff to orders they were making for customers. Whatever came to mind, you don’t want to be that … [Read more...]