Mind Your Manners: An Email Etiquette Checklist


Everyday we are inundated with email. Some of it is imperative for keeping your small business afloat, other messages may be personal, and the rest may be junk. But whatever the case, you’re likely trying to type up a quick response to keep your day moving. Before hitting the send button, you’ll … [Read more...]

3 Ways Your Small Business Can Avoid Making a Bad Hire


Making the wrong decision during the hiring process can come back to haunt your small business. In fact, a bad hire can cost you and your business time and money. According to a recent survey, 41% of business owners said that a bad hire has cost them at least $25,000 in the past year. Of course … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Business Location


Finding the right location for your business is critical, and the number of factors that come into play can be mind-boggling. Should you cater to your customers, or are you more concerned about leveling the playing field with the competition? How much space do you need? Regardless of the nature of … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Construct a Rock-Star Sales Team


When you first started your small business, you likely had only one sales team member, if that. Maybe you were the sales team? However, as your business continues to expand, you cannot overlook developing your sales team. A sales team is the life force of your business. No matter how great your … [Read more...]

A Match Made in Heaven: Tips for Partnering with Local Businesses


You’re running a small business, and while keeping all of your business services in-house can be convenient, it may be best to outsource occasionally. For example, you want to create an online video for your YouTube campaign. Sure, Steve may be handy with his new video camera, but he’s better at … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Company’s Identity


  Remember those Capital One identity theft commercials? They were pretty humorous, right? Unfortunately, when your identity becomes stolen, you won’t be smiling. Take it from us. Our business was recently the victim of identity fraud. A few months ago, we first noticed an enormous amount … [Read more...]

5 Productivity-Inducing Inventions that Impacted Small Businesses


Technology has rapidly transformed over the past 100 years. And with that rapid transformation, we’ve seen vast improvements in how small business owners can run their business more efficiently. From storing unthinkable amounts of data on tiny memory sticks the size of a pack of gum to instantly … [Read more...]

Handling Job-Hungry College Students: 3 Key Factors to Know When Hiring


If you haven’t been bombarded by sub-par résumés, you surely will now. The floodgates have been opened, as job-thirsty college graduates are free from being tethered to a textbook. So how do you and your small business handle this influx of résumés, and weed out only the best? Today, we’ve listed a … [Read more...]

Taking the Right Steps to Starting a Wellness Program


We’re willing to bet many of your employees have “lose weight” as a goal for 2012. In fact, getting fit is in the top 5 resolutions among Americans this year. However, when your employees are constantly battling the fight for harmony between work and personal life, they often struggle to find the … [Read more...]