SMB News Recap December 2012

A Wave of Start-Ups Helps Small Companies Outsource Their Tasks New York Times During the holiday season many small businesses find themselves burdened with small, yet important, tasks to accomplish before the new year. Several startups have pushed to the forefront and offer several services to … [Read more...]

SMB Tips to consider that will save money in Q1


As the year comes to an end, many businesses are planning their Q1 calendars and schedules.  They are also looking for ways to cut back on spending and save money. Below are five tips SMBs should consider before the new year: Track assets. Did you know that 64% of businesses conduct manual … [Read more...]

Why do SMBs continue to ignore Social Media?


If you ask a SMB owner the most common response to the question is that they just don’t have the time or resources. Furthermore, when owners do take the step across the social media border, they are confused about what constitutes social media. Is social media just platforms Facebook, Twitter and … [Read more...]

YouTube Marketing 101 for Business


The Internet constantly changes the way we conduct business. YouTube, the brainchild of three former PayPal employees, has evolved into a powerful social forum where all kinds of video content is viewed, shared, and discussed. And there are virtually no barriers to entry. As video interaction … [Read more...]

The Small Business Secret of Not Being Ignored – part 5


Sean Jackson Copyblogger We have finally come to the last post in the series! The first post covered what components make up a successful SMB website and the remaining posts dove deeper into how one could go about implementing components such as, content, SEO, back-linking, aesthetics and, … [Read more...]

A Guide to Online Marketing for Startups


When starting your new business, it may seem like a good marketing strategy to throw all of your energy into every online and social media platform on the web. This, however, will result in an online presence that is haphazard and overwhelming for both you and your customers. Having a plan for … [Read more...]

The Small Business Secret of not Being Ignored – Part 4


Sean Jackson Copyblogger In this post I would like to share a strategy for building out your website by using keyword research, and implementing back-linking. This will cover two of the five components I shared in my first post. If content and search engine optimization are siblings, then … [Read more...]