February SMB News Recap 2013


February headlines from around the web, brought to you by Wasp Buzz Small Business Magazine. The Art and Science Behind Small Business Advertising Fox Business As a small business owner, do you fixate on the biggest and loudest marketing ideas or do you focus on the practical aspects of … [Read more...]

Why Small Businesses Integrate Their Inventory Management & Accounting Systems


Inventory management is about knowing exactly where and how many of an item you have in your warehouse.  So it makes sense that to ensure your inventory asset value on your financial reports matches what is physically in stock one would integrate their inventory package  and account package. 3 Key … [Read more...]

Two Essential Budgets for Small Businesses


A small business owner must take affirmative steps to protect the company assets. Of the several types of financial controls used by small businesses, these two budgets represent the minimum oversight required of all owners. Anything less and you are putting your business at risk of exceeding your … [Read more...]

9 online FREE-sources Your Business Can Bank On


Doing business in the cloud: IT Outsourcing on steroids? Cloud and web-based functions are still considered risky to some businesses, but perhaps not as risky as you think. You might already be using “the cloud” without knowing it. Working remotely? Try Skype for business meetings in the … [Read more...]

Small Business Spotlight: Cloud Computing with Software as a Service


That’s not how cloud computing got its name. It’s thought that the moniker grew out of graphical representations of actual clouds that were used to symbolize networks in conceptual drawings. The cloud symbolized the internet. But an anxiety-inducing ascent on an airliner is an apt metaphor. To … [Read more...]

Payroll Tax Increase 2013: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Long Arm...

Congress’s feckless attempts to avoid the 2013 payroll tax increase flopped, and the rate jumped 2 percentage points - to 6.2 percent - in early January. The tax helps pay for Social Security and Medicare. Assessed on the first $113,700 of compensation (maximum $7,049.40 per individual), the … [Read more...]

Smart HR: Employee On-boarding

This week, we've shared HR insights on motivation & morale, turnover, and interviewing for the right fit. Since 25% of the working population undergoes some type of career transition each year, you want to hold on to the superstars you hire. Let's discuss the importance of on-boarding in … [Read more...]

Smart HR: Interviewing for the Best Fit


Earlier in the week we discussed how to avoid turnover. We shared insights into your team members' motivation and morale. You might be ready to grow your team, but are you interviewing for the best fit? Read on to find out. Bringing on a new employee is one of the most important … [Read more...]

Smart HR: What Causes Turnover?


I’m asked this question a lot.  Let’s examine some of the issues surrounding attrition. Turnover is the result of only two things; unfortunately, they are big pillars and many factors go into them.  The first is a poor company culture; the second is a poor total rewards package (TR).  Yes, if … [Read more...]

How Package Tracking Systems Work


Benefits: Speed - Deliver packages through the mailroom repository faster to the people waiting for them Accuracy - Reduce human errors, misplacement, and shrinkage (theft) Proof of Delivery (accountability) - Know exactly when a package arrived from FedEx/UPS who received & signed for … [Read more...]