The Small Business Expo: an inside look


Last week, the Small Business Expo danced through Big D. The event claims to be the largest B2B trade show, conference and networking event for small business owners and will hit many major US cities this fall and in early 2014 (See schedule here). Exhibitors included resource agencies like the … [Read more...]

Indicators of exceptional time clock systems


Exceptional time clock systems account for your labor expenses with minimal hands-on adjustments or computations. Since human capital is the largest investment your business will make, it makes sense to implement an effective system that continuously monitors payroll. For the savvy business owner, … [Read more...]

5 ways for small business owners to reduce stress


According to Bolt Insurance, 44% of small business owners believe the stress of running their business has damaged their health. Below are ways for small business owners to eliminate stress. Balance According to a study by Bellevue University, 65% of Americans are stressed to their limits. Be … [Read more...]

3 reasons for buying a barcode scanner


1. Lean operations. Managing the stuff you carry on hand is low hanging fruit when it comes to controlling cash flow. If you sell stuff, you likely stock supply to do business. You need just the right amount of stuff on hand to make every sale requested. If you carry less stuff, you need less … [Read more...]

Inventory controls: want more business next month?

inventory plan holiday sale

Effective inventory control helps businesses maximize sales, speed turnaround and meet consumer demand during high volume sales peaks. Holiday sales peaks - namely Christmas and Thanksgiving - account for as much as 40% of annual revenues for small businesses. What do we do on holidays? We … [Read more...]

BYOD Mixes Business With Pleasure, Saves Money

3 advantages of wireless barcode scanners

The days of professionals strapping on Batman-style belts to harness multiple cell phones are behind us. These days it's OK to mix business with pleasure — when it comes to the device you're using at least. Bring It With You Cell phones are transforming into personal computers in your pocket. In … [Read more...]

It’s 3pm: do you know where your school assets are?


Are your school's asset management policies breaking the bank? Businesses employ adults who generally work in an office on a fairly fixed schedule. And businesses have a hard time keeping track of their physical assets. Now think about schools. Consider the large, complex, open-ended … [Read more...]

LinkedIn is your secret SEO weapon


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means you have positioned your business to be“discovered” online when someone initiates a search. The potential for your business to be discovered by potential customers is underscored by SEO. You can use LinkedIn’s Skills & Expertise to get in front of more … [Read more...]

Fight inventory shrinkage


Why does it shrink? The first idea that pops into everyone’s mind regarding inventory shrinkage is that someone is stealing the goods. It could be some disgruntled or greedy warehouse worker(s), or dishonest customer(s) in your grocery store helping themselves to donuts when you are not looking. … [Read more...]