Inventory Analysis Simplified: Turnover, Customer Service Level & Stockouts


Inventory analysis refers to a set of metrics used to optimize inventory levels -- minimizing stock outs without overstocking. To remain liquid, you must turn inventory into cash so you can pay your bills, including employee wages. The more frequently you can turn over inventory, the higher your … [Read more...]

Behind-the-Scenes Barcodes Benefit Patients, Doctors, Hospitals


Barcode hardware and software play a larger, more important role in healthcare than you might think.  You don’t think about barcodes when you go to your doctor to get a cough diagnosed or to a hospital to have your gall bladder removed. But think for a minute about what hospitals and medical … [Read more...]

Why Do Good Employees Quit and What is It Costing Your Company?


How To Keep Your Best Employees and Reduce Turnover Finding good employees is tough. Keeping them can often be even tougher. Currently, the median time an employee spends at a company is 4.6 years. Losing a good employee is hard, especially if you thought things were going well and it comes as a … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Excel for Inventory Management Doesn’t Work


Why do you track inventory? If you are like every other business owner, for the very simple reasons of knowing the products you have on-hand; your current stock levels; and whether you are going to meet your customers’ needs. The answer to the question of why is fairly simple. It is your answer to … [Read more...]