Managing Assets for the Most Expensive Olympic Event to Date


The 2014 Winter Olympics, hosted in Sochi, Russia, will involve fifteen events over the course of 17 days. Hosting the 22nd Winter Olympics is no simple task: throughout this time there will be a tremendous volume of construction, utility routing, infrastructure maintenance, and asset management … [Read more...]

Sochi Olympics Security & Regulations Will Complicate Logistics


The Sochi Olympics will last only 17 days but the logistics are staggering. There will be more than 5,500 athletes and team members along with 1,350 Paralympic athletes. In addition, there will be more than 25,000 people on the support staff and 12,000 members of the media. More than 3 billion … [Read more...]

5 Lean Inventory Principles

Worker in warehouse

Lean inventory management sprung from Toyota’s endless search for perfection and found its way far beyond the automotive industry. Could lean management work for you? What comes to mind when you think of the word “lean?” Trim, slimmed down, streamlined? Reduced, meager, insubstantial? In a … [Read more...]

How Net Neutrality Affects Small Business


If you’ve been paying attention to recent news, you’ve likely heard of “net neutrality.” As a small business owner, it’s important you have an understanding of net neutrality and how the recent U.S. Court of Appeals’ decision may affect your business; ensuring you are prepared when changes to the … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Celebrities Need An Asset Tracking Solution


Whether it’s in magazines, on the television, or online, we all see the fancy lifestyles celebrities lead. A taste of the famous life would undoubtedly be fabulous, but the life of the rich and famous isn’t always easy and carefree. After spending millions on maintaining a luxurious lifestyle, think … [Read more...]

How Wasp Products Can Help Your Non-Profit


According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations are registered in the U.S. At Wasp Barcode Technologies, we understand the value of non-profit organizations. We also understand the hardships that go hand in hand with establishing a … [Read more...]

12 Impactful Small Business Articles in 2013


  For this list of impactful, small business articles in 2013, we looked to six leading small business news publications.  We found their top-ranked articles on topics that make a difference in a small business’ bottom line - including how to make operations more efficient, how to make … [Read more...]

Take Control of Your Assets in 2014


The start of the New Year is a great opportunity to implement new processes to help your business run more smoothly. Tracking assets is one process that, if done effectively, can help your small business reduce costs and improve quality. Taking control of your assets is a great resolution for your … [Read more...]

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Inventory Control


As we quickly approach the New Year, it’s important to reflect on your current business processes and determine any enhancements you can make to improve them. Resolutions don’t have to be personal goals you hope to accomplish; you can also set resolutions as a vision for how you would like to see … [Read more...]