5 Key Inventory Metrics for Small Business Owners


Many small business owners and entrepreneurs have no trouble focusing on how to build a product or on how to reach out to their consumers. However, many don’t know how to take their business to that next level. Small business owners need to actively monitor metrics to ensure processes are running … [Read more...]

Controlling Overtime: Automated Time and Attendance


An automated time and attendance solution tracks employees in real-time without the worries or complications of pen and paper timesheets or timecards. Employees aren’t infallible and mistakes will be made when they are responsible for entering their own time worked; these errors may be on purpose … [Read more...]

4 Ways Inventory Can Add Unexpected Value for your Small Business


So you have this small business. What now? Assuming your goal is to generate enough revenue to turn a profit, you’re likely consistently looking for ways to add value. The solution can be simple: inventory. As a small business owner, you already understand the important role inventory plays in … [Read more...]

Who could benefit from an inbound packaging system?


Unless it has happened to you, lost or stolen mail is a larger problem than you may realize. According to ABC Action News, “Statistics obtained from the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General share that the number of allegations of lost or stolen mail nationwide is on the rise.” If you … [Read more...]

Never Too Small: Why Any-Sized Company Should Track Inventory


Change and Constants Today’s small business owners have significant advantages over those of just a couple of decades ago. Advances in technology make many aspects of business more efficient and offer a number of effective tools. From basic information technology to logistics, marketing and human … [Read more...]

Amazing Grapes: “The Profit” Identifies Sour Inventory


“The Profit” starring Good Sam & Camping World CEO, Marcus Lemonis, continues to provide compelling, real-world, business lessons week after week.  For this week’s episode (4/8/14), Lemonis traveled to California to save a struggling wine store and bar called Amazing Grapes. A number of … [Read more...]

Asset Tracking Solution Deployment For Small Businesses


An asset tracking solution makes it easier to manage your business’ valuable assets, such as mobile phones, laptops, vehicles, copy machines, or tools. As a small business owner, deploying an asset tracking solution for your business may sound like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t need to be. … [Read more...]

5 Popular Articles from Small Business Publications (March 2014)


This article is part of our bi-monthly series to keep you informed of the most current, popular topics in the best small business news publications. SBA Loans Funded Faster Than A Speeding Bullet By Ty Kiisel for Forbes “Last October the Small Business Administration removed fees on … [Read more...]

Automated Time and Attendance Tracking: An Employer Primer


Automated time and attendance systems are essential for companies that want to reduce overhead, control payroll, maintain accurate reporting, and ensure employee happiness. An automated time and attendance solution is a simple, easy and effective way to guarantee the accuracy of your payroll and … [Read more...]