Technology Tools: Protecting Educational Assets

Technology Tools: Protecting your Investment in Education

An Alabama technical school lost thousands of dollars worth of industrial training equipment. Officials admitted they weren't sure exactly how much had been stolen... Four teachers at a Texas school were accused of stealing more than $16,000 worth of school property, including mp3 players, DVD … [Read more...]

Biometric Time Clock Legal Issues

biometric timeclock legal issues

For decades, businesses have used time clocks to track the hours that their employees work. Traditional systems have included manually recording arrival and departure times and using punch cards or computers to clock in and out, but biometrics are coming to the forefront methods of tracking time and … [Read more...]

4 Easy and Unexpected Ways to Cut Small Business Costs

4 Easy Way to Cut Business Costs

In the current state of the economy, some small business owners have implemented creative measures to cut small business costs. In order to maintain your competitive position in the varied business landscape, here are four easy and unexpected ideas for reducing business costs. 1. Implement … [Read more...]

Precision Drilling Ditches Excel for Inventory Control


With 226 drilling rigs, 229 service rigs, and 28 snubbing units, tracking inventory at Precision Drilling is no small task. Despite the incredible volume of work Precision Drilling completed, they were still using Excel for inventory control. These spreadsheets were ill-suited to the task and led to … [Read more...]

Inventory Reserves – Does Your Small Business Need One?


        As a small business owner, it’s imperative to have a complete understanding of your business’ financial inner workings. Part of that includes having extensive knowledge of your inventory and how to manage it properly. Below we define the term “inventory … [Read more...]

The 5 Most Important Inventory Solution Features


Inventory management ensures you have the right amounts of product for consumers and it helps you determine which items sell well and which do not; giving you the ability to adjust product levels accordingly. As a small business owner, you may understand the importance of good inventory management, … [Read more...]

Time and Attendance Tracking: Newest Technology


Ask a business owner the hardest part of their operations. They may regale you with tales about employees taking long lunch breaks without clocking out, employees clocked in but never coming to work, or employees calling their buddies to punch them in on time as they arrive an hour late. The time … [Read more...]