Creative and Unique Uses for QR Codes


Creative and Unique Uses for QR Codes The more creative your QR code, the more likely you’ll create engagement between your message and consumers. The following companies successfully used QR codes in both inventive and creative ways to connect and educate their purchasing audience. How do QR … [Read more...]

Preventative Maintenance on Fixed Assets: A Great Return on Investment


In most industries, operational effectiveness depends on a major investment in fixed assets such as vehicles, specialty tools and machinery, custom equipment, and other mechanical devices. Shown on the balance sheets as fixed assets, these items can represent a large portion of a company’s … [Read more...]

100+ Creative Barcode Labels

Creative Barcode Tree

The Most Creative Barcodes How many barcodes do you see on a daily basis and completely disregard?  Scanning my desk as I write this article, I conservatively estimate there are 50+ barcodes & a dozen or more QR codes within view.  I am not only referencing the tissues, the pack of gum, or … [Read more...]

The Logistics of the World Cup

the logistics of the world cup

This year’s World Cup, being held in Brazil June 12-July 13, is arguably the planet’s most popular sporting event.  FIFA is expected to collect over $4 billion in revenues; however, hosting such a massive event is no easy task and presents a multitude of logistical issues. As we learned from the … [Read more...]

Why is Asset Tracking Important?

Why is Asset Tracking Important

If your company isn't investing in asset tracking, you may be losing both money and time. Properly implemented asset tracking techniques lower your administrative costs, streamline your business services, improve your customer service, and allow you to scale your business upwards with … [Read more...]

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to Track Assets


Technology continues to revolutionize the way companies do business. Nowhere is this seen more than in the devices used by employees to complete their work. Gone are the days of completing work tasks using only the computer provided by an employer. Instead, 70% of users carry three or more devices; … [Read more...]