Managing Inventory for Education


For those in education, an automated inventory system can be priceless. Schools and universities are responsible for the storage of nearly limitless supplies and books—from front office supplies to classroom texts and full libraries. The information and materials available at these institutions is … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Walter White (and Every Small Business Owner) Should Implement Inventory Tracking


WARNING: this post contains Breaking Bad spoilers (and useful advice for your small business). Winning an amazing 5 Emmy's last night, there’s no doubt Season 5 of Breaking Bad was well received. But now we wonder how Heisenberg would have been able to effectively manage his inventory if the … [Read more...]

To Err is Human: Reduce Errors with Barcodes


All types of businesses profit from increased efficiency and error reduction when they begin using barcode software and equipment. The results might be most dramatic in health care centers where miscoding, poor handwriting, and heavy workloads result in errors that cost money and threaten patient … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to use Laser Barcode Scanners


The ubiquitous barcode scanner has been with us for decades. It fills the need for accurate, timely capture and use of inventory data, with applications from the checkout stand to the complex inventory management systems of major corporate and government organizations. It has rendered obsolete … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Pen & Paper Timesheets and Timecards Are Costing You Money


It’s widely understood that technology, when utilized properly, can make businesses more efficient.  Unfortunately, time tracking systems are frequently overlooked by small businesses.  Time and attendance systems eliminate many of the problems associated with old-fashioned clock punching, but many … [Read more...]

Deciding Between a Fixed Asset or an Inventory Management System


According to the State of Small Business report, an incredible 46% of small businesses don’t track their inventory or use a manual process to do so. Inventory and fixed assets are sometimes treated as assets on a company’s balance sheet, though not all assets are inventory. With these practices, … [Read more...]

Lean Inventory Management


Inventory management is a concept that businesses of all types struggle with on a daily basis. It is incredibly important for small businesses, however, especially when their bottom line is concerned. As the term suggests, inventory management is used to describe a business’ level of effectiveness … [Read more...]

2D Barcode Scanners: Increased Efficiency


A 2D Barcode scanner can save your business time and money while avoiding costly manual data entry errors. By rapidly and accurately scanning 2D barcodes and QR codes, you can associate products, images, definitional codes, and easily load and update the status of individual inventory items. Barcode … [Read more...]