What is Small Business Saturday?


Small Business Saturday is a community event celebrating the retail businesses and services that support your community. It’s most popular date is the Saturday just after Thanksgiving. Think of it as supporting your community’s business owners who provide jobs, as well as their customers, who love … [Read more...]

Spreadsheet Accounting: Fixed Asset Management


When you first imagined starting your small business, you probably envisioned all the benefits of ownership: freedom to make decisions, being your own boss, and, of course, future profits. In fact, financial success is more than likely the driving force behind your persistence. However, financial … [Read more...]

Black Friday: Preparing and Maintaining Inventory for the Rush


For many retailers, Black Friday is a hectic mess of organizing, planning, and logistics. Whether a store's Black Friday sales are successful is highly dependent on preparing prior to the rush -- and each year there is more to accomplish before doors open.  In 2012, Black Friday shopping hit a … [Read more...]

Push vs. Pull Inventory Management Strategies


Most companies have a better chance to profit and satisfy customers when inventory managers develop an effective and efficient inventory management strategy. The right strategy ensures access to the right products, and it also helps control costs associated with buying and storing goods. … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Management Degree: Selecting the Right School


Considering going back to school? According to Bloomberg Businessweek, supply-chain management is one of the hottest tickets in B-school. The importance of a properly managed supply chain shouldn’t come as a shock. After all, ensuring goods are ready and available for customer demand can’t happen … [Read more...]

Optimize Inventory Management


IBM reports that 54% of Chief Supply Chain Officers will be optimizing their inventory management to help control and reduce costs. To accomplish this, they’ll demand increased visibility and more robust business intelligence derived from all aspects of the supply chain. Fully optimizing inventory … [Read more...]

Reducing Employee Theft through Inventory Tracking


64 percent of small business owners, who took part in a recent study conducted by a University of Cincinnati criminal justice doctoral student, said they have experienced employee theft . However, although more than half of owners indicated they’d experienced employee theft, only 16 percent reported … [Read more...]