Can Asset Tracking Help Educators Justify Standing Desks?

Students who used raised desks, with stools nearby, burned 15 percent more calories compared to students using traditional sitting desks, according to research conducted and published by a Texas A&M associate professor earlier this year. The trend of standing desks has gained popularity in … [Read more...]

Managing Inventory during the Holiday Season

It doesn’t matter if you sell shovels or phones, during the holidays a lot of goods are flying out the door. Making a list and checking it twice makes sense for small business owners managing inventory during the holidays—otherwise known as a physical inventory audit. Rachel Ann Austin draws … [Read more...]

Should Your Business Be Using QR Codes?

Are QR codes dead? Ask Google that question and you get a variety of different headlines and just as many opinions.  A number of journalists have provided arguments for and against using QR codes in business. In her Ad Age article, “QR Codes Are Dead, Trampled by Easier-to-Use Apps,” B.L. Ochman … [Read more...]

Year-End Write-Offs That Could Change Your Financial Statement

With the calendar year drawing to a close, many businesses are looking at what can be done to improve their financial position for the new year. According to CNBC, there are a number of inventory and asset-focused activities that your small business can complete this month to help take advantage of … [Read more...]

Three Ways to Prepare Your Inventory for the End of 2014

As the end of 2014 approaches, your small business is likely focused on a number of different objectives, including holiday sales and closing out your books for the calendar year. Inventory impacts many of these year-end objectives, and as you prepare for 2015, consider these three tips to ready … [Read more...]

Three Episodes of The Profit and the Importance of Good Inventory Practices

Three Episodes of The Profit and the Importance of Good Inventory Practices

In CNBC’s The Profit, Marcus Lemonis invests his time and money to turn around struggling businesses. The reasons for each business’ lack of success cover a range of bad business practices. However, the show’s second season (particularly episodes in the second half) pointed to bad inventory … [Read more...]

After the Storm: The Importance of Accurate Asset Records

Superstorm Sandy, hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the 2013 OK tornados were all shocking, unfortunate reminders of Mother Nature’s power. While some businesses, homes, and schools escaped relatively unscathed, others suffered catastrophic losses. Unforeseen disasters, natural or otherwise, can … [Read more...]