Shopping For an Effective Asset Management System


Many business owners start out with a pen and paper system or an Excel based spreadsheet to track their assets and inventory. Poor inventory management practices, like these, are listed as one of the top 8 reasons that small businesses fail. When the time comes to utilize these inefficient systems … [Read more...]

7 Best Practices for Fixed Asset Inventory Software


Small businesses that don’t utilize fixed asset inventory software often encounter the pitfalls that can doom startups and companies with outdated infrastructure -- disorganization, poor security, lost or stolen assets, tax code violations and other issues. But due to inertia or even lack of … [Read more...]

Barcode: The Ultimate Guide to Barcodes


Every time we purchase something we interact with a barcode, but rarely do we give them much notice. Yet barcodes play a crucial role in the effective and efficient operation of our economy, from small businesses to large multinational conglomerates. What is a barcode? A barcode is … [Read more...]

Avoiding a School Budget Crisis with Asset Management


When you have limited resources and funds and thousands of young minds to educate every day, how do you make it work? This is a question school districts all over the nation ask themselves every day. In most districts, budgets have been dwindling for years, but standardized testing isn’t going … [Read more...]

How 2D Barcode Scanners Improve Healthcare


You may not associate 2D Barcode technology with saving lives in the field of medicine, but the truth is barcodes and 2D barcode scanners play an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry and have been responsible for saving thousands of lives. Barcodes are so essential to the proper … [Read more...]

How to Implement Best Practices for School Technology Asset Tracking


Last year, an audit of Los Angeles Unified School District’s computer inventory revealed 230 devices, worth nearly $200,000, had been stolen or were missing. In addition, school officials weren’t able to account for another 3,105 laptops, desktops, and iPads. In 2013, an audit in the School District … [Read more...]

As an Inventory Manager,
What Can I Learn from The Walking Dead?


We all know the Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen – frankly, it’s overdue. We just don’t know exactly when the world-as-we-know-it will cease to exist. It could happen tomorrow or decades down the road. Not having a firm undead deadline is bothersome, but don’t use this as an excuse to delay … [Read more...]

Eight Surprising Stats About Small Businesses and Accounting


If you’re like many small business owners, accounting and finance can prove to be a challenging part of running your business. That’s why to follow our 2015 State of Small Business Report, we surveyed small business leaders about their accounting needs and challenges. The results were sometimes as … [Read more...]