What is a Barcode Printer?


How businesses are using barcode printers to cut costs and increase quality In the days before the proliferation of barcodes, businesses large and small relied on clerks to manually input data about packages, ensure inventory control and keep costs down while still maintaining speedy service. … [Read more...]

3 Inventory Tracking Issues that Can Ruin Large Events

3 Inventory Tracking Issues that Can Ruin Large Events

Summer Event Logistics Challenges: Tracking Equipment and Inventory at Sporting Events, Outdoor Concerts and Festivals For many, summer is synonymous with big outdoor events like concerts, festivals and sports games. These events, although fun, present their own unique logistic challenges … [Read more...]

Why Use 2D Barcode Scanners


By now you are probably familiar with 2D barcodes, such as the ubiquitous QR code, if not by name, then by sight. You are probably even using QR codes for your business (and if you aren’t,  you should be.) While QR codes can be easily read by most cell phones and mobile devices, they are not the … [Read more...]

Secrets to Customer Reviews Helping SEO & Driving Growth

How Customer Reviews Will Help Your SEO

Nobody needs to tell you how important customer reviews are. If you have a local business, the odds are high you’re keenly aware of their influence. While one bad review can’t necessarily kill a business, it can definitely hurt it. A series of bad reviews can contribute to a business failure. On … [Read more...]