What are the Advantages of 2D Barcodes?


Small businesses wanting to make a big impact with customers can utilize 2D barcodes.  2D barcodes can include more information in the code than their 1D counterpart, like price, quantity, web address or even an image. Small business owners constantly need to be improving to stay ahead of the … [Read more...]

The Changing Landscape of Asset Management


 It’s not just about counting computers anymore Technology has changed dramatically in the past decade.  Think back to 2005.  Nobody had WiFi.  Laptops were virtually unheard of. Only 45% of the population had a cell phone, the “old fashioned” kind. Now businesses are practically thriving … [Read more...]

5,000 Ways 2D Barcodes are Helping Amazon


5,000 Ways 2D Barcodes are helping Amazon Washington based Amazon.com has announced a new shipping policy which will add 2D barcodes to all of its boxes.  While this policy will not be put in place until January 2016, all sellers will immediately be able to implement the policy early and be paid … [Read more...]

How to Build the Right Inventory Managment System


Questions to ask so you can make the right choices Years of handwriting SKU numbers or getting buried in piles of spreadsheet printouts have finally gotten the best of you. Handling frustrated customers due to inventory and shipping mistakes has become the norm. Enough is enough. You’re not … [Read more...]

How to Choose Inventory Tracking Software


Think about this, a customer calls in to make an order from your company. Your customer service rep fumbles around due to old, outdated software that’s slow and not meant for a growing business.  They confirm the order would be ready and shipped by a certain date, only to later find out that an … [Read more...]

How to Get More Leads from Your Website


How do you feel about your company’s website? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Many small business owners are a bit disappointed with their websites. Too often, it’s because they have yet to see their sites deliver much new business. The whole point of a business website is to bring in more business. … [Read more...]