How the Economy Could Transform the Holiday Season


Since the nascent days of the internet and even earlier, enterprising individuals have made money on the side by engaging in freelancing, whether running deliveries as a courier or performing handy work and other odd jobs. The recent rise of the smartphone and automated inventory management has led … [Read more...]

How Can Retailers Afford to Offer Free Holiday Shipping?


The holiday season is approaching. More big retailers are joining forces, whether online only or of the big-box variety, to entice consumers with promises of free shipping for all their orders, regardless of the volume of their purchase. Amazon always offers this perk to its Prime customers, but now … [Read more...]

When Your Start-Up Has Too Much of a Good Thing


What do start-ups need to know about inventory management? “Knowledge is power” might sound like an overused cliche, but when you are a start-up company, access to information or lack there of can make or break your business. You may think that because you’re small right now, you can’t afford … [Read more...]

6 Critical Inventory Metrics Every Small Business Should Know


As your company evolves, it’s vital that you stay attuned to key performance indicators (KPIs) that mark growth areas within your operations. KPIs are important because they essentially tell you how your business is doing. As a small-business owner, you are likely focused on keeping the … [Read more...]