5 Reasons Biometric Time Clocks are Worth the Investment


Once the stuff of science fiction, biometric time clocks are now becoming standard for growing businesses that require a more comprehensive time and attendance system. Biometric technology utilizes the unique attributes of employees (such as fingerprint or iris recognition) to keep track of when … [Read more...]

The Impact of Analytics on Your Business


“The ability to predict future business trends with reasonable accuracy will be one of the crucial competitive advantages of this new decade,” SAS CEO Jim Goodnight recently blogged. “And you won't be able to do that without analytics.” Business analytics can make or break a business in today’s … [Read more...]

How To Prepare Your Small Business For Tax Season

Tax form with pen, calculator, dollar banknote , and glasses taxation concept

April is fast approaching, which means that it’s tax season for individuals and businesses alike. If you’re a new small business owner, this may be your first year preparing and filing taxes on behalf of your company. Tackling your company’s taxes alone is not uncommon: 46 percent of SMB owners … [Read more...]

How Kanye West Can Run a More Profitable Fashion Empire

Audience watching model on catwalk at fashion show, low section

Only someone as outspoken and perhaps egocentric as Kanye West could manage to overshadow himself just hours before dropping a long-awaited album. Mr. West did just that by taking to Twitter, in the midst of his release of The Life Of Pablo, to announce that he was $53 million dollars in … [Read more...]

Why Are We Using 30 Year Old Technology Today?


Excel was never designed to track  inventory or other assets; today’s growing businesses are ditching the 30-year-old spreadsheet in favor of real-time asset management systems. Spreadsheets haven’t changed much since they hit the business scene in the late 70s. VisiCalc, the first computer … [Read more...]