10 Tips For Welcoming New Employees


As any good business knows, the task of filling a job opening involves more than just hiring a candidate and slotting them into the company framework. The hiring process is just the first step; the next goal is to help the new employee to feel comfortable, welcomed, and prepared to contribute. No … [Read more...]

Benefits of Using a Smart Phone as a Barcode Scanner


As consumers, we rarely think about barcodes as anything more than the series of lines and spaces on the items we bring to the checkout counter. At most, perhaps we note how much quicker and more efficient it is to purchase an item with a barcode than without. Businesses small and large in many … [Read more...]

The Indy 500: The Greatest Spectacle in Inventory Control

Newton Iowa, USA - July 11, 2014: Verizon Indycar Series Iowa Corn 300 practice and qualifying action.

The 500 Days of May The Indianapolis 500 is one of America’s biggest sporting events, and this day of racing reckoning is important not just to racing fans, but to drivers, pit crews, vendors and everyone involved in making sure the Indianapolis Motor Speedway can accommodate and entertain the more … [Read more...]

Bankrupt: 3 Takeaways From the Demise of Oreck


Oreck failed to grow with changing consumer trends which allowed competitors to earn a large share of the market.  The Oreck family lost more than their family business in the summer of 2013 when they were forced to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. They lost a legacy that David Oreck had built for … [Read more...]

Keeping Up With The Competitors: With Small Business, It’s Personal

Young female entrepreneur working in a home office at her desk

As a small business owner, it’s all too easy to look at your larger counterparts and wonder how you can possibly compete. Whatever industry you are in, don’t be discouraged by the deep pockets of the big box retailer, and don’t compare. Being a small business owner gives you a lot of advantage in … [Read more...]