Four Things You MUST Think About Before a Disaster Strikes Your Business

Pile of structural debris at a severly damaged building

Remember that time when the tornado sirens were blaring and you didn’t take cover? Why was that? Did you think the odds were in your favor and it wouldn’t happen to you? Hopefully, you were right. If you were, don’t get over confident. Natural disasters can strike at any time, leaving your … [Read more...]

Keeping Up With Your Competitors: Small Businesses Can Rock Omnichannel


Small businesses are known for the hometown feel and personal experience. That is very important to building relationships and a loyal customer base. To keep up with larger competitors, creating an online experience has become equally as important. Why? Everyone is wired, from their laptop, to … [Read more...]

5 Mistakes Bridal Shop Owners Make and How to Fix Them

The range of wedding dresses on hangers and on a mannequin in the showroom

As sunlight streams through the stained glass windows, the wedding march sounds from the organ loft on this perfect day. It’s THE day. Family and friends fill the church pews; they stand in unison and turn to set their eyes on the star of the show, the beautiful bride.  Stealing the first glimpse of … [Read more...]

When Big Data is Too Big: Making Your Analytic Numbers Count

rsz_istock_000090437225_large final

You’ve probably heard the buzz phrase “big data” tossed around quite often in business circles. So much that perhaps you’ve kind of tuned it out. You likely have some sort of tracking systems in place, whether it’s for employee productivity, marketing analytics, or inventory management. You’re also … [Read more...]