How Barcodes Are Powering Our Favorite Summer Events

Barcode with red light ray and binary code in background

In many ways, so much of the fun we’re slated to have this summer, and many summers to come, is brought to you by barcodes. If you aren’t intimately familiar with barcodes, you might think that’s crazy. But so often, great summer events are about so much more than the performers at the concert, … [Read more...]

Why Schools Investing In New Technology Must Use Asset Management

Happy teacher giving an IT class at school to a group of students using computers - education concepts. Image on screens were made from scratch by us.

Over the past few years, schools around the country and even around the world have grappled with a new and sprawling challenge: How to properly integrate emerging technology into classrooms, while protecting students, teachers, and their investment alike? The world at-large has radically changed … [Read more...]