5 Tips for Simplifying Business Travel

Does your job require out-of-town business travel? Whether you’re hopping on a flight every week or just heading to an annual meeting, take the stress out of business trips by using our five tips for making travel simple.

  1. Download travel apps Use your smartphone for more than in-flight entertainment by downloading the best travel apps. From finding the cheapest gas prices to reserving a table at a restaurant or checking out currency conversion rates,  smartphone apps can save you hours during a business trip. Tip: Don’t download every travel app – or you’ll miss the point of simplification! Pick your favorites and put them in a folder or on a page you only use when traveling.
  2. Pre-program the GPS Stay on track (and on time) when you’re traveling. Enter addresses for places you will visit into your smartphone’s GPS before departure. Don’t forget to include airports, hotels, restaurants and meeting locations. Spending a few minutes pre-programming will eliminate unnecessary paper directions and stress over getting to where you need to go. Tip: Also, save important numbers from your travel location in your smartphone. To ensure safety and simplicity, include an emergency contact, local cab company and the hotel where you’re staying.
  3. Bring a multi-device charger Your Android is packed with apps and addresses, your laptop is full of business documents to review and your mp3 player has enough tunes to play for weeks. So how many wires do you dig through when one of your devices dies? Tip: Simplify your travel (and your suitcase!) by packing a multi-device charger like this one,  or this eco-friendly option. You’ll free up room in your suitcase and eliminate all those extra cords.
  4. Pack smart While traveling for business, what you’re wearing should be the least of your worries—especially if that means stressing about wrinkly clothes. Instead of folding, roll your outfits to minimize wrinkles. Unroll and spray with a wrinkle releaser when you arrive at the hotel. Tip: The simplest way to fly on business travel? Limit your luggage to one carry on (here’s a hint on saving space – if you keep your clothes in the same color family, you’ll only have to pack one pair of shoes). No checked bags means you’ll avoid extra fees and you won’t wind up with lost luggage.
  5. Keep receipts organized Instead of waiting to organize travel expenses when you come home, take steps to manage spending while traveling. Download a smartphone app that lets you photograph and save as a mobile receipt.  Tip: Keeping a record of your travel expenses on a mobile device is also a great way to prepare for tax season.

Next time you travel for business, enjoy a little R&R (or at least peace of mind) by using our tips for simplifying your business travel.

How do you keep business travel simple and stress-free? We’d love to hear your tips for taking the stress out of traveling!

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