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How ‘Buy Online, Pickup In Store’ Can Work For Your Small Business

Online shopping

In order to stem the tide of ecommerce sales that have changed the face of modern retail, lots of big-box stores and local retailers with an online presence are now offering “buy online, pickup in store” options to their customers. It’s just one way that retailers are moving to a … [Read more...]

How Barcodes Are Powering Our Favorite Summer Events

Barcode with red light ray and binary code in background

In many ways, so much of the fun we’re slated to have this summer, and many summers to come, is brought to you by barcodes. If you aren’t intimately familiar with barcodes, you might think that’s crazy. But so often, great summer events are about so much more than the performers at the concert, … [Read more...]

Why Schools Investing In New Technology Must Use Asset Management

Happy teacher giving an IT class at school to a group of students using computers - education concepts. Image on screens were made from scratch by us.

Over the past few years, schools around the country and even around the world have grappled with a new and sprawling challenge: How to properly integrate emerging technology into classrooms, while protecting students, teachers, and their investment alike? The world at-large has radically changed … [Read more...]

Why New Tariffs Shouldn’t Affect Your Supply Chain

Conflict between USA and China, male fists - governments conflict concept

The talk of the business world so far in 2018 has been the introduction of tariffs on a wide range of goods, from solar panels to washing machines to steel and aluminum. The latest trade announcement to come from the White House involves the possibility of tariffs on Chinese goods which hasn’t … [Read more...]

Risky Business: Why Your Business Needs Asset Management

Shot of a man using a laptop and mobile phone while working on a project in a workshop

So, you don’t have a reliable asset management system.  What’s the worst that can happen? Well, for one, your assets—from more costly investments like technical equipment down to the desks and chairs everyone sits at every day—are all important to your business functionality. Assets are indeed … [Read more...]

Ghost Assets: Why Should You Care?

A lone wonan stands in a misty underground tunnel

Wonder what happened to that laptop you know you saw around the office last year?  Or a desk you’re certain was put into storage?  They’re listed on your fixed asset ledger, but are nowhere to be found. Perhaps you feel like you’re going a little crazy because it seems these items have mysteriously … [Read more...]

Top 10 Small Business Bloggers

woman reading blog online on computer

Running a small business is the ultimate exercise in continuing education. There's always something new to learn. And if you want to grow your business? Get ready to double your knowledge again. Fortunately, there is no shortage of information available about small business. But is all of it … [Read more...]

The Productivity of a New Generation of Scanners

Businessman show barcode with glow light on hand, warehouse and logistics

Believe it or not, barcode scanners are getting better, and their improvement will herald in good times for the small business owners who have invested in barcode technology. Anyone who’s recently upgraded their personal smartphone, or bought an expensive piece of technology like a digital … [Read more...]

What’s Causing Such High Tax Bills For Your Small Business

Word "Tax" with clock on the office workplace. Business concept.

It’s a question that private citizens and business owners alike ask themselves often: Am I paying too much in taxes? Taxes: We love to hate them. Of course, many of us understand the value of paying taxes in some capacity—there would be no roads, bridges, public schools, or emergency services … [Read more...]

Tips For Filing Your Business Taxes Last Minute

Tax Time text on notepad - coffee, jar coins, pen and calculator on top of wooden table.

It’s tax season. In fact, it’s been tax season for a few months now. If you’re a small business owner reading this, you know that the window to file your taxes is slowly closing. What to do if you haven’t filed your business taxes yet? The number one rule, as always, is don’t panic. But the next … [Read more...]