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This Is How The U.S. Army Keeps Track Of Its Assets

How One Of The Largest U.S. Army Posts Successfully Tracks Base Assets The U.S. Army has to keep track of a lot of assets. There are big ticket items like planes and missiles, firearms, basic IT equipment and computers. It isn't always easy. In 2014, it was reported that, the Department of … [Read more...]

Asset Management called upon to Serve and Protect The City of Dallas

Asset Management called upon to Serve and Protect The City of Dallas

Towns, cities, counties and states across the country need to keep track of a lot equipment. From big ticket items like fire trucks and police vehicles to smaller assets like mobile computers and tablets, every municipality needs to know the whereabouts and condition of thousands of pieces of … [Read more...]

Extinguishing Asset Management Emergencies for Volunteer Firefighters

One of the biggest challenges facing any volunteer organization is recruiting and retaining volunteers. Volunteer fire departments are no exception. 69% of the fire services in the U.S. are made up of volunteer fire departments and for the first time in 28 years, the majority of the firefighters are … [Read more...]

Shopping For an Effective Asset Management System

Many business owners start out with a pen and paper system or an Excel based spreadsheet to track their assets and inventory. Poor inventory management practices, like these, are listed as one of the top 8 reasons that small businesses fail. When the time comes to utilize these inefficient systems … [Read more...]

Avoiding a School Budget Crisis with Asset Management

When you have limited resources and funds and thousands of young minds to educate every day, how do you make it work? This is a question school districts all over the nation ask themselves every day. In most districts, budgets have been dwindling for years, but standardized testing isn’t going … [Read more...]

How to Implement Best Practices for School Technology Asset Tracking

Last year, an audit of Los Angeles Unified School District’s computer inventory revealed 230 devices, worth nearly $200,000, had been stolen or were missing. In addition, school officials weren’t able to account for another 3,105 laptops, desktops, and iPads. In 2013, an audit in the School District … [Read more...]

Managing the Holiday Supply Chain: Easter

Innovative supply chain through customization Americans buy over 120 million pounds of Easter Candy each year. How that product reaches customers is a sophisticated supply chain dilemma. Peeps Marshmallows, made by Just Born, are one of the most popular candy treats. Annual consumption is so vast … [Read more...]

Asset Management Software Leads to Efficient Government Spending

$3.9 trillion dollars.  That’s how much money the federal government is projected to spend in 2015; with $70 to $80 billion of those dollars allocated for IT and cybersecurity.  A new report published by the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) looked at … [Read more...]

Good Data Helps Minimize Life Cycle Costs

Most small business owners and managers have purchased equipment solely because of decreased cost.  Unfortunately, what looked like a great deal may have cost more to maintain than the pricier alternative. This is why forward-thinking professionals use Life Cycle Costing (LCC) when evaluating items … [Read more...]

Four Reasons to Beware the Fixed Asset Spreadsheet

Have you ever asked yourself: Why should I pay for asset tracking software when we can use an application like Excel or Google Drive? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many businesses use Excel and Google Drive to track assets.  Is this a good solution, or are fixed asset spreadsheets just a … [Read more...]