Jeremy Vest
Jeremy Vest is an author, speaker, web designer, teacher and video marketing nerd. He founded Emmy award winning video training company xTrain that created training videos for companies like Adobe, Corel, Wiley and Safari Books Online.
Jeremy Vest

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LinkedIn is your secret SEO weapon


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means you have positioned your business to be“discovered” online when someone initiates a search. The potential for your business to be discovered by potential customers is underscored by SEO. You can use LinkedIn’s Skills & Expertise to get in front of more … [Read more...]

How Package Tracking Systems Work


Benefits: Speed - Deliver packages through the mailroom repository faster to the people waiting for them Accuracy - Reduce human errors, misplacement, and shrinkage (theft) Proof of Delivery (accountability) - Know exactly when a package arrived from FedEx/UPS who received & signed for … [Read more...]