Marc Davidson

Marc Davidson

Marc Davidson is a Product Marketing Manager at Wasp Barcode specializing in Inventory Warehouse Management and Supply Chain product lines. He has 6+ years in the industry as a product marketing manager, sales executive and product trainer.

The Scanner Series: Barcode Scanners In the Healthcare Industry

One of the most overlooked technologies in all of healthcare is that of the barcode and barcode scanner. No one will deny that, in case of an emergency, medicine and medical tools and proper diagnoses are more pressingly important to treating a patient than a barcode scanner. But it’s also true … [Read more...]

Risky Business: Why Your Business Needs Asset Management

So, you don’t have a reliable asset management system.  What’s the worst that can happen? Well, for one, your assets—from more costly investments like technical equipment down to the desks and chairs everyone sits at every day—are all important to your business functionality. Assets are indeed … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Custom Barcode Labels

Businesses everywhere are starting to recognize the value of the humble barcode. While consumers may not think much about the simple lines-and-spaces pattern affixed to their grocery purchases, those involved in moving inventory and assets understand why companies should invest in custom barcode … [Read more...]

How Do They Print Super Bowl Champion Shirts So Quickly

When it comes to Super Bowl merchandise, the most common question people ask is, “What happens to all those pre-made shirts with the losing team on them?” The answer is, it depends—but you might see “Eagles Super Bowl Champions” (or “Patriots Super Bowl Champions”) gear in places as far flung as … [Read more...]

Inventory Management Concerns In The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry, from clinics to labs and family practices to hospitals, use a vast amount of specialized equipment, materials, and medications to serve patients. In order to store and organize these medical supplies, efficient inventory management practices are vital. If inventory isn’t … [Read more...]

How NFL Teams Could Benefit From Asset Management

Another NFL season is kicking into gear, and as always, we the fans are worried about just one thing: How our teams are doing. Will we win this Sunday? Make the playoffs? Claim the Super Bowl trophy? [Tweet "Will we win this Sunday? Make the playoffs? Claim the Super Bowl trophy?"] That’s the … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid Of, Sell Or Otherwise Dispose Of Your Fixed Assets

In order for most small businesses to make money, they need both inventory (or a service) and fixed assets, the long-term capital investments used in the production of income. Fixed assets are things like computers, vehicles, and tools of the trade—whatever your company purchases with the intent on … [Read more...]

How Barcodes Can Make Attendance Records More Accurate For the Bottom Line

Do you remember the days when you could hand a cardstock ticket to an attendant at the ballpark gates? The rip just before he handed you a stub that reminded you where you could find your seat? Ball parks and movie theaters sent home countless mementos over the years, many of which we secreted away … [Read more...]

Creative Ways To Use Barcodes Around the World

If you’re a small business owner who recognizes the value of tracking your inventory as it makes its way from the supply chain, you probably already utilize barcodes in some capacity. Either that, or you’ve enlisted the services of a third-party company—like FedEx, Postmates, DoorDash, just to name … [Read more...]

How the Barcode Makes Real-Time Package Tracking Possible

Do me a favor: Go find a package you recently received. Did you find one? Great, now look at the label. Do you see that mass of blocks and black? You should recognize that from other purchases you made in-store: It’s just a regular barcode, or possibly a quick response (QR) code, the same as you … [Read more...]