Marc Davidson

Marc Davidson

Marc Davidson is a Product Marketing Manager at Wasp Barcode specializing in Inventory Warehouse Management and Supply Chain product lines. He has 6+ years in the industry as a product marketing manager, sales executive and product trainer.

Why Do People Love Barcode Printers?

Anyone who works in retail, shipping, or even healthcare and entertainment can tell you the value of a barcode printer. Whether it’s an industrial printer for use in the warehouse or a desktop machine that prints out tickets or receipts, the barcode printer comes in a number of forms and formats and … [Read more...]

How Can Custom Barcode Labeling Help Your Small Business

Custom barcode labels help your company identify fixed assets and manufactured or retail products while also maintaining your individual brand. A barcode system that includes built-in, barcode design capability, allows you to generate custom barcode labels that can consist of both images and 2D … [Read more...]