Paul Trujillo

Paul Trujillo

Paul Trujillo is a Product Marketing Manager at Informatics specializing in Inventory Warehouse Management and Supply Chain product lines. His nearly 15 years of experience has put him at the forefront of industry technology and developing trends.

How Suppliers and Retailers Improve Supply Chain

Box on conveyor belt in shipping area

Most will agree that when there is cooperation between retailers and their suppliers, a more profitable and leaner supply chain is the result. Take these stats, for example: -Revenue has increased 3.7 percent for collaborative companies (Advantage Research, 2013). -An incremental profit of $7 … [Read more...]

Two Crucial Steps When Entering the E-commerce Arena

A man telephone banking

If you’re a small business owner in 2016, you’re likely aware that you need not just an online presence for marketing and advertising, but an e-commerce presence as well. Entering the world of e-commerce is a necessity for anyone looking to compete with the big retailers of today: Amazon has already … [Read more...]

How Inventory Management Helps Restaurants Improve Online Sales

Young delivery man delivering chinese take away food for young woman, standing at the entrance door and holding two plactic bags in hands.

Few urges are as difficult to satisfy as the craving for a certain food. Many of us know how it feels to want a late-night sushi roll, or a mid-afternoon dessert to power through the rest of the work day, which is why online delivery services such as Grubhub and DoorDash have been so successful. … [Read more...]

Getting Back To The Basics of Customer Service

Female Sales Assistant Serving White British Family In Delicatessen

Customer service can make or break a business. Just as stellar service can keep customers coming back, bad customer service can send clients running for the hills. Unfortunately people have become all too accustomed to outsourced customer service reps from other countries, with whom they can … [Read more...]

3 Ways Predictive Analytics Can Harness Your Big Data

Businessman and businesswoman using digital tablet in the meeting.

An inventory management system provides you with a plethora of data. You can gather information on everything, from real-time stock levels to customer behavior and trends. The problem is many companies have decided that this so-called “big data” is too much to handle. Or simply that they don’t need … [Read more...]

How Barcodes Are Revolutionizing Consumer Nutrition


If you’ve been to the grocery store, you’re familiar with 1D barcodes: They’re the pattern of vertical bars and spaces that represent a numerical code, which in turn corresponds to a file in the store’s database that often holds the attached item’s price, stock, photo and more. Anytime you bring an … [Read more...]

Is Your Business Tracking these 6 KPIs?


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are benchmarks that help identify growth areas within your business. In other words, they’re basically the gages that tell you how your operations are functioning. Have you taken time to narrow down the KPIs that are important to your business? If you haven't, … [Read more...]

Making Inventory Markdowns Work For Your Small Business

Sale signs in shop window

Customers of all types look forward to seasonal clearances. Why wouldn't they? The drastic markdowns save them a lot of money.  In fact, I walked into my local dollar store and noticed it still had a small Christmas item display situated at the front of the store, with all items priced at 25 … [Read more...]

When Big Data is Too Big: Making Your Analytic Numbers Count

rsz_istock_000090437225_large final

You’ve probably heard the buzz phrase “big data” tossed around quite often in business circles. So much that perhaps you’ve kind of tuned it out. You likely have some sort of tracking systems in place, whether it’s for employee productivity, marketing analytics, or inventory management. You’re also … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Welcoming New Employees


As any good business knows, the task of filling a job opening involves more than just hiring a candidate and slotting them into the company framework. The hiring process is just the first step; the next goal is to help the new employee to feel comfortable, welcomed, and prepared to contribute. No … [Read more...]