Scan this: medication administration made easy with barcode technology


All About Kids Pediatrics really is all about kids. They keep approximately 2,000 of them healthy each month. In doing so they deliver a lot of preventive care services, like vaccinations. Every shot administered involves extensive reporting and documentation requirements.  Take a look at vaccine … [Read more...]

Accounting for your inventory– should you integrate?


When you combine the power of QuickBooks® to manage your financial operations with a robust, feature-rich inventory management solution, you better manage your business. Automating the management of your warehouse inventory will result in reduced labor costs and increased supply chain efficiency. … [Read more...]

Effective asset management improves your chances of getting a grant

Long Arm...

Grants touch the lives of nearly everyone. From 2007-2012, the US government allocated over 5.2 Trillion grant dollars nationwide. The nature and scope of a grant may vary, but accurate reporting and prudent use of grant funding is critical to becoming a grant recipient. Grantees must be … [Read more...]

Nurturing Leads on Your Website


If your company spends money to stimulate demand, it already is familiar with lead nurturing – building relationships with qualified prospects that eventually result in sales. Let's be clear: generating website traffic is not lead nurturing, although it is a necessary preliminary step. Your … [Read more...]

Nurturing Leads on Your Website pg.2


  <<page 1 Lead nurturing is entwined with brand building. Even if you are operating in a business-to-business (B2B) environment, you can't lose sight of the fact that your buyers are also human and can be emotionally swayed. When people are faced with complex buying decisions, it … [Read more...]

Spring forward into time saving business technology


The APA estimates that businesses can reduce their annual payroll expense by up to 4% by implementing an automated time tracking system.  If you are considering whether or not to automate, here are the most important things to consider: What to measure First consider what you are trying to … [Read more...]

How SMBs can Make Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn


LinkedIn seems like the premier site for professional networking: 50 million members joined LinkedIn in 2012, and more than half of its users are business decision makers. So how can SMBs make meaningful connections without looking as if they’re exploiting the platform for conversions? Read on to … [Read more...]

Drill or hole? What are they buying – and what are you selling?


A guy walks into a hardware store and says to the clerk, “I need a drill.” Clerk says, “Well, not really. You want to make a hole.” If you’re in retail and your customer comes in and says, “I need a drill,” or “I want a drill,” or “Where are the drills?” you, the salesperson, begin some … [Read more...]

List Your Business: Take Advantage of Local Directories & Review Sites


If you have a local business, then you have a major advantage over online retailers and other websites trying to rank well in Google. That advantage is local search. Instead of having to compete with thousands to potentially millions of competing websites globally, local businesses can focus their … [Read more...]

Email: the Original Social Media Platform?


Facebook boasts about 1 billion active users (October 2012), while Yahoo mail has 310 million (October 2011), Hotmail has 369 million (March 2011) and Gmail has 423 million (June 2012). Email was used as early as 1972 and rapidly grew in popularity as household computers became a common feature. But … [Read more...]