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To Err is Human: Reduce Errors with Barcodes

All types of businesses profit from increased efficiency and error reduction when they begin using barcode software and equipment. The results might be most dramatic in health care centers where miscoding, poor handwriting, and heavy workloads result in errors that cost money and threaten patient … [Read more...]

Methods of Asset Depreciation

Depreciation is a topic many people find confusing, but the basic concept of depreciation is not particularly complicated. In fact, depreciation is simply a method of allocating the cost of a tangible asset over the expected useful life of the asset. As a simple example, a machine that cost $1,000 … [Read more...]

Asset Tracking In Tough Industries

Keeping track of business assets, such as laptops, mobile devices, and medical equipment, is a difficult undertaking for any small business owner. It can be even more challenging when valuable assets are used in tough industries that are fast-paced, high stress, or just dangerous because of the … [Read more...]

12 Impactful Small Business Articles in 2013

  For this list of impactful, small business articles in 2013, we looked to six leading small business news publications.  We found their top-ranked articles on topics that make a difference in a small business’ bottom line - including how to make operations more efficient, how to make … [Read more...]

Take Control of Your Assets in 2014

The start of the New Year is a great opportunity to implement new processes to help your business run more smoothly. Tracking assets is one process that, if done effectively, can help your small business reduce costs and improve quality. Taking control of your assets is a great resolution for your … [Read more...]

Year in Review – Our Top Posts of the Year

As we wrap up 2013 and embark on an exciting new year, we wanted to reflect on some of the information we shared on the Wasp blog. Since January, we’ve written blog posts about everything from inventory tracking and asset management to the small business industry in general. Make sure you haven’t … [Read more...]

Electronic Health Records: Efficiency while Maintaining Patient Safety

Patient rights are protected by the privacy and security rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).  These rules hold the healthcare industry accountable during the collection, viewing, and dissemination of patient information.  In the past, security of paper … [Read more...]

3 Holiday Inventory Management Tips for Small Businesses

“The holiday season can represent as much as 20–40% of annual sales” for some retailers, says the National Retail Federation. When items are quickly going in and out of stock and returns are being made in larger volumes than usual, small businesses that don’t have an automated way to keep up with … [Read more...]

5 Rights of Medication Administration

When you go to a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital you expect safely and correctly administered medication.  This is an expectation not only supported but mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  These strict regulations require the tracking of medication as it is distributed and … [Read more...]

4 Ways Asset Management in Education Helps Manage Federal Grant Money

Public schools are funded primarily by state and local government (approximately 40-50% of the total); mostly through local property taxes.  Although the federal government’s contribution may seem small in comparison (9-10%), it’s a significant amount for some districts – money that, if lost, would … [Read more...]