Section 179 for 2013


What is Section 179? This little jewel in the tax code allows small- and medium-sized businesses to expense capital purchases in the year of purchase rather than depreciating over three or five or whatever number of years. This applies to material goods used in your business, … [Read more...]

SMB Tips to consider that will save money in Q1


As the year comes to an end, many businesses are planning their Q1 calendars and schedules.  They are also looking for ways to cut back on spending and save money. Below are five tips SMBs should consider before the new year: Track assets. Did you know that 64% of businesses conduct manual … [Read more...]

60th anniversary of the barcode


The barcode is a fundamental part of how we obtain goods — from scanning items for price comparisons, adding goods to a wish lists and checking out purchased products. We use barcode scanners on a daily basis, but have you ever asked yourself how the barcode came to be? Would you believe that the … [Read more...]

Why Maintaining a Business Plan is Important


Before you even begin to start your new business, a plan must be created for several reasons such as, investment opportunities, to keep your business on accountable and a list of true objectives.   A list of goals, whether quarterly, annually or weekly will keep your company in line, while an … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Attract And Keep Repeat Customers

Cropped shot of a young store owner handing a parcel to a customer over the counter

Repeat customers remain a business’s best and steadiest source of revenue. While an influx of new and one-off visitors can boost profits, these regulars come in and spend time and time again. On average, their business can be worth 10 times as much as their first purchase! This loyal patronage is … [Read more...]

The Art of a Good Summer Work Party


Nobody should be all work and no play. Small business owners, especially, need to keep that in mind. So reward your hardworking, dedicated employees this summer with a well-planned work party! Not sure how to go about planning the perfect, work-appropriate summer bash? These tips should help make … [Read more...]

The State of the American Dream: A look at Entrepreneurship and Small Business in the United States


According to the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index, the USA is still the best place in the world to start a new business. Even though, as a country, we’ve experienced a decline in entrepreneurship during the recent economic crisis, it remains a cornerstone in our economy—as it … [Read more...]

How a QR Code Works? QR Code Generators – Wasp Barcode


  Did you know QR Code stands for Quick Response Code? This type of two-dimensional matrix barcode is known for its speed of readability and its vast range of utility. The QR Code was developed in the mid-1990's for use in the automobile industry and has only recently become common to … [Read more...]

Working in Harmony: Best Methods for Handling an Office Bully


Bullying can have serious repercussions on not only an individual’s mental and physical state, but it also can be detrimental to your business. Did you know that 35% of the U.S workforce has reported being bullied while on the job? Today, we look to help correct this issue, and give you more insight … [Read more...]

Handling Job-Hungry College Students: 3 Key Factors to Know When Hiring


If you haven’t been bombarded by sub-par résumés, you surely will now. The floodgates have been opened, as job-thirsty college graduates are free from being tethered to a textbook. So how do you and your small business handle this influx of résumés, and weed out only the best? Today, we’ve listed a … [Read more...]