Holiday Party 101 Celebrating the holidays in your SMB

Oh, December. Your arrival marks the end of the year, the start of winter and more often than not, the annual office holiday party. Here at Wasp Barcode Technologies, we get into the holiday spirit each year. And while it can be a fun time to share stories and gifts, eat endless amounts of delicious home-cooked food and drink a cocktail or two, there is certain etiquette to follow at such events.

So, to save you some embarrassment this year, we’ve provided a few of our top tips for celebrating the holidays in your small business.

  • Keep alcohol at a minimum

Even small amounts of alcohol can impair judgment. As everyone becomes more tech-savvy with their camera-laced smartphones, one silly slip up could be captured and released to the masses on the Internet whether you like it or not.

  • Choose appropriate attire

Know the dress code. If tacky holiday sweaters are encouraged, then do so. But don’t get caught wearing one if it’s a black-tie event or vice versa.

  • Picking the right venue

There are many factors to consider when deciding where to host your holiday party. How many people will be attending? What kind of budget do you have? What is the culture of your business? Sometimes the best option is to host the party within the walls of your small business, but be cautious of any extra clean up that may be needed after the party ends.

  • Keep a strict guest list

Be clear and concise when informing your employees of a guest policy. If there are no set limitations to guests outside of the business’ employees, you may wind up throwing a much larger party than expected.

  • Keep it business

Holiday office parties can be fun and quite enjoyable, but always remember it’s still a business function. You still have to face these people the next day.

Here at Wasp Barcode, we’ll be throwing our annual office party later this evening. Be sure to check Twitter and Facebook for photos! Have your own tips for hosting an office holiday party? Share it with us in the comments!


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Holiday Party 101 Celebrating the holidays in your SMB, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  • Mae Loraine Jacobs 

    If I may add, people should just have fun. I really, really like it when clients and business partners I’d invite to our Christmas party would come up and tell me, “I didn’t know this side of you.” They discover I know how to let my hair down and be more myself at least once a year. It somehow helps me build a much deeper relationship with them.

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