Happy Birthday to the Barcode!

Birthday cake with colorful candles

There may never be a more understated yet wildly influential and foundational piece of technology than the barcode, which is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. As the barcode officially becomes an old-timer, let’s look back on how this unassuming design ended up changing the worlds of … [Read more...]

What Do Small Businesses Use To Track Their Assets?

Young business people working on a startup office.

Most small business owners can attest that there is a lot more to the “business” side of things than they might have originally expected. Selling donuts, handmade crafts, software, or anything else requires stringent accounting, so as to remain both legally compliant and economically sound. One … [Read more...]

After Harvey And Irma, What Small Businesses Need To Plan For

Hurricane on earth viewed from space

Hurricane season has been especially deadly, dangerous, and costly this year: Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas and caused possibly hundreds of billions of dollars in damages, not to mention lives, and Hurricane Irma is making it’s way through Florida and the rest of the southeast as of this … [Read more...]

What the Fidget Spinner Trend Teaches Us About Inventory Management

Close up of hands holding fidget spinners.

The biggest trend of 2017 so far has got to be fidget spinners. If you have kids, they probably have fidget spinners. You can buy them everywhere from the corner store to Amazon. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, but the common theme of a ball-bearing device that spins and … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid Of, Sell Or Otherwise Dispose Of Your Fixed Assets

Financial credit recovery busness concept as a woman and man as bank or banking advisors repairing an old rusted piggy bank with a fresh coat of paint as a savings improvement metaphor with 3D illustration elements.

In order for most small businesses to make money, they need both inventory (or a service) and fixed assets, the long-term capital investments used in the production of income. Fixed assets are things like computers, vehicles, and tools of the trade—whatever your company purchases with the intent on … [Read more...]

The Unsung Hero of “Game of Thrones”

A medieval knight in full suit of armour kneels whilst holding his sword to his head in contemplation or prayer before a big battle. The knight is inside an ancient medieval stone building, which could be a castle or cathedral as the evening from the setting sun streams through the windows.

It’s “Game of Thrones” season again, which means millions of people all over the world are tuning in on Sundays to see how the stories of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and the other big players in Westeros will end. But there is one element of the show that is almost never talked about, yet it’s … [Read more...]

How Barcodes Can Make Attendance Records More Accurate For the Bottom Line


Do you remember the days when you could hand a cardstock ticket to an attendant at the ballpark gates? The rip just before he handed you a stub that reminded you where you could find your seat? Ball parks and movie theaters sent home countless mementos over the years, many of which we secreted away … [Read more...]

Creative Ways To Use Barcodes Around the World

scanning a bar code

If you’re a small business owner who recognizes the value of tracking your inventory as it makes its way from the supply chain, you probably already utilize barcodes in some capacity. Either that, or you’ve enlisted the services of a third-party company—like FedEx, Postmates, DoorDash, just to name … [Read more...]

Independence Day: How To Ring In America’s Birthday In Your Small Business

Person holding american flag.

America turns 241 years old this July 4th, an opportunity for businesses to show their patriotism through sales and celebrations and its citizens to help keep the economy’s wheels in motion. Discount, parades, sweepstakes and more help the country ring in another birthday in style. How does your … [Read more...]

How the Barcode Makes Real-Time Package Tracking Possible


Do me a favor: Go find a package you recently received. Did you find one? Great, now look at the label. Do you see that mass of blocks and black? You should recognize that from other purchases you made in-store: It’s just a regular barcode, or possibly a quick response (QR) code, the same as you … [Read more...]