Who could benefit from an inbound packaging system?


Unless it has happened to you, lost or stolen mail is a larger problem than you may realize. According to ABC Action News, “Statistics obtained from the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General share that the number of allegations of lost or stolen mail nationwide is on the rise.” If you work where large volumes of packages are received on a regular basis, imagine how many packages may not be delivered to the correct recipient or may not be delivered at all. Below are three examples of different locations that could benefit from having an inbound packaging system.

package-tracking-infographic-final1. Colleges & Universities
As you are likely already aware, college and university campuses are typically made up of several buildings and floors; making it easy for packages to end up lost or misplaced. As an example, Berry College has the world’s largest college campus that spans more than 27,000 acres and includes 47 primary buildings and 10 residence halls. With so many buildings, residence halls, offices, staff, and students, how can you be sure that packages are getting to the right place? Having a package tracking system for a university or college campus makes delivering packages on time and to the correct recipient a breeze.

2. Large Businesses
Typically, with larger office buildings, mail is delivered to the company mail center; not only for organizational purposes but for very real safety concerns. Yes, an inbound package tracking solution allows you to organize and deliver packages in an efficient manner.  You will eliminate delay, loss, and theft of packages, but you also ensure all package deliveries from outside sources funnel through one receiving location.  This allows you to train your corporate mailroom staff to recognize any suspicious packages and mitigate any risk to your employees.

Additionally, many of the items delivered to a company office are more expensive, such as laptops or office supplies, and time-sensitive, like legal documents, contracts, etc. Implementing a package tracking solution ensures both employee safety through package screening and that time is not wasted searching for misplaced or lost packages.

Warehouse3. Apartment Buildings
Stuyvesant Town – Peter Cooper Village is a large private residential complex in Manhattan that spans over 80 acres with a combination of 56 residential buildings, 11,250 apartments, and over 25,000 residents. Of course, that’s a large-scale example, but any apartment complex presents a significant challenge to managers trying to deliver important packages to the correct tenant. Inefficient delivery of packages to the right person could result in frustrated residents that lodge complaints or, even worse, decide to move to another location with better customer service.

Do you work at one of the locations mentioned above? If so, perhaps you want to introduce the idea of an inbound mail tracking system to your organization. Wasp’s mail tracking system, PackageTracker, enables an organization to track a package from the moment it is received in a central location, it identifies who received and will deliver the package, and it records the time and date the end recipient signs for the package; more importantly, by having all packages from outside sources routed through one location, you protect your staff from unnecessary risk.  Learn more about the inbound mail package tracking system from Wasp that saves businesses’ time and money by ensuring packages reach the right person safely and in a timely manner.

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Brian Sutter

Brian Sutter

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Brian Sutter
Brian Sutter