Automated Time and Attendance Tracking: An Employer Primer


Automated time and attendance solutions are essential for companies that want to reduce overhead, control payroll, maintain accurate reporting, and ensure employee happiness. An automated time and attendance solution is a simple, easy and effective way to guarantee the accuracy of your payroll and … [Read more...]

How Package Tracking Systems Work


Benefits: Speed - Deliver packages through the mailroom repository faster to the people waiting for them Accuracy - Reduce human errors, misplacement, and shrinkage (theft) Proof of Delivery (accountability) - Know exactly when a package arrived from FedEx/UPS who received & signed for … [Read more...]

Pinterest for Small Business


Chances are, you know someone who uses Pinterest to organize and share content on virtual pin boards. Pinterest can also be used as a valuable marketing & sales tool for small businesses, and it’s easy to get started. You probably have electronic images, brochures, and other collateral on hand? … [Read more...]

13 Steps to Creating a Killer Small Business Facebook Ad Campaign


Ask a Facebook user who is not a marketer if they ever click on Facebook ads. You will very likely get the following response: “What Facebook ads?” Is this a good thing? You bet it is! Because Facebook advertising does such a great job custom tailored to user demographics as well as user … [Read more...]

60th anniversary of the barcode


The barcode is a fundamental part of how we obtain goods—from scanning items for price comparisons, adding goods to a wish lists and checking out purchased products. We use barcode scanners on a daily basis, but have you ever asked yourself how the barcode came to be? Would you believe that the … [Read more...]

QR Codes & Couponing [INFOGRAPHIC]


QR Codes & Couponing [INFOGRAPHIC] Couponing is an age-old practice that serves the dual purpose of generating sales for businesses and saving consumers money. QR codes, traditionally used for inventory control and asset management in the automobile industry, are a more recent mobile … [Read more...]

Asset Tracking 101 infographic


What is Asset Tracking?Maybe you’re new to asset tracking or haven’t quite grasped the understanding of asset management in your business? Thankfully, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a few stats and tips to help you better understand the process and how to manage your business assets more … [Read more...]

How a QR Code Works


  Did you know QR Code stands for Quick Response Code? This type of two-dimensional matrix barcode is known for its speed of readability and its vast range of utility. The QR Code was developed in the mid-1990's for use in the automobile industry and has only recently become common to … [Read more...]

The Coolest Uses of Barcode Scanners in Movies


Barcodes and barcode scanners are used in our daily lives, from mundane tasks such as scanning groceries at the local supermarket to high-importance task such as tracking millions of dollars worth of assets for your business. However, barcodes have recently found a new home – Hollywood. Today, we’d … [Read more...]

How Barcode Scanners Work


In our world today, we're accustomed to seeing barcodes, but most of us don't have the slightest clue as to how these black and white striped graphics work, or even how they are properly read with a barcode scanner. Better yet, how can barcodes boost efficiency and productivity in small businesses? … [Read more...]