9 online FREE-sources Your Business Can Bank On


Doing business in the cloud: IT Outsourcing on steroids? Cloud and web-based functions are still considered risky to some businesses, but perhaps not as risky as you think. You might already be using “the cloud” without knowing it. Working remotely? Try Skype for business meetings in the … [Read more...]

Small Business Spotlight: Cloud Computing with Software as a Service


That’s not how cloud computing got its name. It’s thought that the moniker grew out of graphical representations of actual clouds that were used to symbolize networks in conceptual drawings. The cloud symbolized the internet. But an anxiety-inducing ascent on an airliner is an apt metaphor. To … [Read more...]

List Your Business: Take Advantage of Local Directories & Review Sites


If you have a local business, then you have a major advantage over online retailers and other websites trying to rank well in Google. That advantage is local search. Instead of having to compete with thousands to potentially millions of competing websites globally, local businesses can focus their … [Read more...]

If time is money, why am I always a dollar short?


I peer up from my “smartphone” to see four little eyeballs intently staring back at me. January is national get organized month, and - fittingly - the focus is a fresh start.  This year, I can’t help but think how I’m tired of retracing the same steps I seemingly took at this same time last year. I … [Read more...]

When Vegas Goes Viral: Reputation Management Online


Tips to monitor your business reputation online, plus how to handle any haters. The power of the average consumer is stronger than ever. Blame the Internet and more specifically, social media for this. Blogs, review sites, Facebook, Twitter, and more provide the infrastructure where a single … [Read more...]

Keeping Up with Computer Security Changes


One area you may want to consider looking for help in is computer certificate and key management. Having seamless and automated security implementations can improve every aspect of your business and assist you in maintaining and growing your customer base. Reasons to Plan for Security Needs that … [Read more...]

Why do SMBs continue to ignore Social Media?


If you ask a SMB owner the most common response to the question is that they just don’t have the time or resources. Furthermore, when owners do take the step across the social media border, they are confused about what constitutes social media. Is social media just platforms Facebook, Twitter and … [Read more...]

Email: the Original Social Media Platform?


Facebook boasts about 1 billion active users (October 2012), while Yahoo mail has 310 million (October 2011), Hotmail has 369 million (March 2011) and Gmail has 423 million (June 2012). Email was used as early as 1972 and rapidly grew in popularity as household computers became a common feature. But … [Read more...]

The top 25 SMB Twitter Influencers (Part 1)


The top 25 SMB Twitter Influencers (Part 1) Here is our list of the top 25 SMB Twitter Influences (in no particular order) that every SMB should be following. 1. @HarvardBiz 2. @DellSMBnews 3. @SCOREMentors 4. @CNBC 5. @USNewsMoney 6. @BNDarticles 7. … [Read more...]

60th anniversary of the barcode


The barcode is a fundamental part of how we obtain goods — from scanning items for price comparisons, adding goods to a wish lists and checking out purchased products. We use barcode scanners on a daily basis, but have you ever asked yourself how the barcode came to be? Would you believe that the … [Read more...]