To Pay or Not To Pay. Best Options for Small Business File Transfer/Storage


Remember when storing documents on a 215MB thumb drive was the norm? Thankfully, we’ll never have to revisit those dark days again. Due to advancements in data storage technology, we now have the capability of transferring and storing vast amounts of data, and not just to an external hardrive, but … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Business Data Secure for Telecommuting Employees

File folder with a combination lock found on a safe

Telecommuting, or the notion of employees working remotely, is becoming a popular option for many small business owners. It is cost saving to not only you the business owner, but the environment as well. In addition, it helps keep employees happy by allowing them to work from home, which can be a … [Read more...]

IT Security Considerations for Departing Employees


Today’s guest post is brought to us by Alan Wlasuk, CEO of 403 Web Security. Employees leave for any number of reasons; but regardless of the reason, they have spent time in your company’s environment where they have had access to at least some level of the company’s IT systems.  Security should … [Read more...]

6 QR Code Campaigns You May Have Missed


QR codes, or quick-response codes, have been around for nearly two decades, but it has not been until recently that companies are beginning to embrace these mysterious black and white squares. If you are still a bit in the dark, feel free to get up to speed on QR Codes by reading our short … [Read more...]

Ways Small Businesses are using iPads to Increase Office Productivity


  Ways Small Businesses are using iPads to Increase Office Productivity With any new technology comes the question "how can I use this in my business?" In many cases, new technology can be tricky and a little difficult to incorporate. Since the release of the first iPad in April 2010, the … [Read more...]

Tracking! Getting Started with Google Analytics


If you run one of the millions of websites out there, tracking your site’s analytics is crucial to learning about your potential customers. Google Analytics is a free service that Google offers that helps you track every aspect of your website. Regardless of your company size, tracking is key to … [Read more...]

Tracking Nightmares – The Case of the Vanishing Business Items


No one enjoys hunting down misplaced items. Just think of the panic that ensues when you misplace your wallet or car keys (when you’re already five minutes late, of course).  For business owners, this state of panic is taken to a whole new level when key items vanish from stockrooms or in transit … [Read more...]

Five Information Security Holes That Could Sink Your Business & What To Do About Them


Today's blog post is brought to us by Elizabeth Ireland, vice president of marketing for nCircle. Many small businesses believe they don’t need to pay much attention to Internet security. After all, why would hackers bother with small businesses when there are so many more profitable … [Read more...]

Top WordPress Plugins for Your Small Business Blog


WordPress may be one of the best tools for your corporate blog, not because of its simplicity, but because of the thousands of plugins available at your disposal. No matter what it is you are trying to accomplish with your blog, there is likely a plugin to get the job done. Today, we’re going to … [Read more...]

Top 3 Mistakes Small Business Websites Make – And How to Avoid Them


To operate a successful business, you not only need to offer a great product or service, you also need a web presence. While most small business owners understand the importance of having a website, many don’t realize that their websites contain a number of flaws. Here are the most common mistakes … [Read more...]