Introducing Reno Enterprises – Winner of the DFW Small Business Showdown!

Over 1500 readers stopped by to cast a vote for their favorite DFW small business in the recently-concluded Small Business Showdown. Reno Enterprises scored a run-away win, earning an iPad 2 and a feature article about the company. Arn Reno, the owner of Reno Enterprises, stopped by the Wasp offices to collect his loot and sit down with us for an interview. Read on for more information on how he snagged the winning title and his best advice to other small businesses.

Tell us what Reno Enterprises does.

We are a state-licensed On-Site Waste Water service company, serving homes in the North Dallas-Fort Worth area.  This means we offer inspection, service and repair of individual, modern aerobic septic systems. We offer annual contracts for inspections, so customers don’t have to remember to call or file paperwork with the county.

You can learn more about Reno Enterprises on our website or by phone at 972.801.4964.

How long have you all been in business?

We started in 2004, so we’ve been in business for 7 years now.

Reno earned close to 700 votes in the Small Business Showdown. Tell us your secret to success!

We are fortunate that we have a customer base that is very loyal.  Our business model is to earn and retain customers and gain new customers through “word-of-mouth” marketing.  Happy customers tell their friends & neighbors about us, and then their friends tell their friends, and so on.  While Facebook, Twitter and other social networking has its place, our secret is just good, old-fashioned communication.  Believe it or not, we aren’t on any social networking sites! We visit our clients at their homes a minimum of 3 times a year, and often chat with them when we are there.   They were happy to vote for us and to spread the word to their friends.

The economy hasn’t been friendly to businesses of any size during the last few years. Obviously, you have managed to succeed in spite of the economy. Any tips you can share with other small businesses?

Since we are an on-site service company, the economy has hurt us as well, especially in terms of transportation costs.  We are old-school in that we service and maintain the customer’s system, ultimately extending the useful life of the owner’s equipment. When break-downs occur, we try to ‘repair’ instead of ‘replace’, a further savings to the customer.  We do what we promise to do, we take the time to explain our services and answer the customer’s questions.  We treat the customer’s property as we would our own, and this care shows.  We cannot buy the “word of mouth” advertising and referrals these practices provide. So for other small businesses, the best advice I can give you is to maintain your focus on your customers and the level of service you provide. Good, old-fashioned customer service is the best way to differentiate yourself and help your business outrun a slow economy.

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