Ways Small Businesses are using iPads to Increase Office Productivity


Ways Small Businesses are using iPads to Increase Office Productivity
With any new technology comes the question “how can I use this in my business?” In many cases, new technology can be tricky and a little difficult to incorporate. Since the release of the first iPad in April 2010, the devices have been incorporated into every day life as well as business operations. Here, we offer a few different ways to boost your small business’ productivity with an iPad.

Find productivity apps and use them!
There are millions of apps out there that will increase small business productivity. Everything from to-do lists to team management apps are great options for staying on task throughout a busy workday. Constantly traveling for business? Try out a desktop connectivity app so that you can connect to your office desktop in any setting and location!

Worry less about remembering the physical stuff.
With an iPad you have (virtually) the whole word right at your fingertips. No more need to carry multiple notebooks, a planner, or that book you want to share with your team. Now you can load all of that onto your iPad and carry it without worrying about what you left back on your desk. The iPad also offers the ability to make notes and highlights on documents and articles — a great feature for working on the go!

Better presentations.
Instead of using a projector, pull up a presentation right on the iPad and let clients look through it on their own time. This is a great way to start conversations and allow the client to ask questions without feeling like they’re interrupting the meeting.

While iPads haven’t stolen the entire market share for small businesses, they are quickly becoming a more popular choice thanks to the millions of apps available.

Are you currently using iPads in your small business? If so, how?

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