SMB News Recap January 2013

Small Business Owners: The IRS Says You Are Tax Cheats
Small Business Trends
Small Business does a lot for America, accounting for roughly half of private sector GDP and employment. Their economic contributions probably account for part of the reason that small business is our country’s most trusted group. But small business owners aren’t saints. They are also America’s top tax cheats, according to ITS taxpayer advocate Nina Olson.

Small Businesses Expected to Adopt New Technologies in near Future
SMB News
Once upon a time technologies were luxuries only enterprises and large corporations could afford. However, due to their affordability, recent innovations like mobile applications and cloud computing are now offering small business solutions. According to Laurie McCabe, co-founder and partner of the SMB group, some top small business IT trends in 2013 include, cloud computing adoption, enterprise mobility strategies and the integration of social media to marketing campaigns.

BlackBerry’s New OS, Smartphones: What’s in it for Business Users?
The long-delayed revamping of the BlackBerry OS Smartphone creates excitement among loyal BlackBerry users. Two new BlackBerry’s were released, the Z10, which has a 4.2 inch touchscreen, and the Q10 which has a physical keyboard. Some interesting features include, the BlackBerry hub, a converged mail center with to-do list items, social media, events, inbound messages; touchscreen-friendly typing and user interface; and screen sharing from BlackBerry messenger. This launch will prove to either be the BlackBerry’s rehabilitation or demise.

5 Reasons Small Business Should Consider BYOD
While much of 2012 was spent fighting the BYOD trend, now U.S. businesses and bosses are beginning to embrace it. As BYOD is now considered a truth and not just a trend, the article reveals five reasons why SMBs should cease resistance. Reasons include, cost savings as there is not an overwhelming need to supply workers with equipment, or train them on that equipment; increased security, as long as a company has implemented a mobile-device management system; and, increased productivity, since an employee is more likely to continue to work on their own device instead of putting it away after “work hours”, to name a few.

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