Can Asset Tracking Help Educators Justify Standing Desks?


Students who used raised desks, with stools nearby, burned 15 percent more calories compared to students using traditional sitting desks, according to research conducted and published by a Texas A&M associate professor earlier this year. The trend of standing desks has gained popularity in workplaces and is now being discussed as a possibility for schools.

Although the concept of spurring more activity as a result of a standing desk might be healthy, many school budgets already tight. Can the cost be justified? Maybe so – if these school assets are properly tracked.

Replacing Fixed Assets at Schools

Even fixed assets need to be replaced. Textbooks tend to be replaced every 5-7 years – although budgets might dictate longer cycles – because they become outdated. Although desks do not need to be updated for the same reasons as textbooks, they too can become outdated and need to be replaced.

Asset management systems, like Wasp’s fixed asset tracking software, MobileAsset, allow educators and administrators to accurately track school assets, including desks, making it easy to determine how many desks they have in each classroom. An asset management system can also make it easy to access information like age, condition, initial cost, book value and allocation of use to help justify replacement with the new, trendy standing desks.

Tracking School Assets

iStock_000017009676Desks aren’t the only items schools should be tracking. Commonly tracked assets include:

  • IT equipment
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Books

Tracking assets not only helps educators and administrators justify the cost of replacing these items, it also helps make it easier to find items and determine if something has gone missing; which cuts down on additional costs.

Learn more about how educators and administrators can benefit from asset tracking: 4 Reasons Education Needs Mobile Asset Tracking.

Technology is often blamed for making our children too sedentary. However, just as new technology like laptops and tablets can aid learning, the right technology can make it possible for us to track not only technology assets but other new tools like standing desks that can keep children healthier.

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Brian Sutter

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Brian Sutter
Brian Sutter