National Boss’s Day

National Boss’s Day

Tuesday, October 16, marks National Boss’s Day in the U.S. Dedicated to all employers; National Boss’s day is meant to improve the liaison between employers and their staff.

The concept began in 1958 when Patricia Haroski, an employee at State Farm at the time, registered the event with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Her thought was to encourage the relationship between supervisors and staff, as well as show appreciation for bosses all over. The event is growing in popularity and is now recognized outside of the United States in countries such as Australia, India and South Africa.

Fun Facts:

  • 4 Years after Haroski registered, the Governor of Illinois backed the event, making it an official Holiday.
  • Hallmark produced the first National Boss’s Day card in 1979.
  • Haroski chose October 16 because it was her father’s, who was also her boss, birthday.

Tips to consider when celebrating National Boss’s Day:

  • Don’t Get Fired. Know your company’s gifting policies before buying a gift. You can always check with HR to verify company policies.
  • Set a Budget. A card is more than appropriate. Consider involving other co-workers to make it seem like a group effort, and to avoid brown nosing.
  • Don’t be the Brown-Noser. If you do choose to gift on your own, be aware of how that may appear to others. Try to give the gift in private to avoid making a scene.
  • Don’t be Rude. Try to adhere to your Boss’s interest. A real gift is one that means something and is from the heart. So make sure your intentions are pure.
  • Don’t pick and Choose. You may have more than one supervisor, in that case, you can’t be selective and you should provide a gift to everyone.
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