Operation Business Card Drop: Clever Ways to Increase Your Audience

Operation Business Card Drop: Clever Ways to Increase Your Audience

Business cards are an essential asset to any business owner. These useful tools help businesses expand contacts as well as increase a network of friends and clients. Many small businesses understand this, but often leave their beautifully designed cards in a pile on the desk in the office.

So if you are currently staring at a pile of your own business cards, then we suggest you pay attention. Here are a few clever ways you can maximize your business cards’ potential by further increasing your audience.

Keep your cards within reach
Your business cards do not do you any good sitting on your office desk. Be sure to keep at least a couple of business cards on you at any given time. If the opportunity arises to hand out your business card, do it. You just never know when you will meet someone who could benefit from your products or service.

Hit the books
Instead of searching for prospective clients and customers, why not bring them to you? Try dropping your business card in prospective locations where individuals with similar interest will be. For example, visit the local library and drop your card in a book or magazine that would appeal to your audience. Do you own a landscaping company? Place your business card in a Home & Garden book. When an interested individual picks up the book, he or she will have immediate access to your services.

Attend trade shows
Trade and consumer shows are a great place to find other individuals interested in your products or services. Be sure to have a hefty supply of business cards to distribute at your booth or while you are roaming around the showroom floor.

Travel with your cards
Never set off on a business trip without first stocking up on business cards. Business trips allow for you to fully maximize your potential audience. From airport terminals and hotel lounges to taxi cabs or bus depots, the possibilities to leave behind a business card are endless.

Whether you are a small business or entrepreneur on a tight budget, remember there are clever ways to market your business through the use of business cards. So get creative and start dropping! Have you seen success in your business cards? Let us know which methods you’ve used recently.

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Brian Sutter

Brian Sutter

Director of Marketing at Wasp Barcode
Brian Sutter is the Director of Marketing at Wasp, responsible for the development and execution of the company’s marketing strategy. His role encompasses brand management, direct and channel marketing, public relations, advertising, and social media. He also writes and speaks on topics related to helping small business owners grow their business and improve operational efficiency.
Brian Sutter
Brian Sutter